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PRACHIES my pen-name that most of the friends usually call me for a long time, and it is my name on the online social network. I am extremely satisfied to welcome everybody to my virtual online photography gallery, which I attempt to share, change, and deliberate for the same theme, that I dont know who you are and who you from.

I have been Photography major since my undergraduate studies. I earnt a Diploma in Visual Communication Technology, Photography and Cinematography, from the Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep as you recognise the old name called Technic Krung Thep, Thailand. Afterwards, I used to be a specialized in Photography in a period of time. Up to now approximately 15 years. Presently, I never have a specific style in photography, even if I have been taking the variety of photography in many situations such as by ground, by water, and on the air. However, one appearance that I like is the pattern of myself which I would like to illustrate my point of view, contrast of colour, contrast of lighting, and to name but a few. This is my style.

Personally, I didnt concern about the important of the photos accessories. Called, no matter what the camera brand is, I can capture it all the sort. Besides that, I can present my standpoint from every type of camera. Because the perspective is the leading thing that can reflex the identity and characteristic as much as possible. By this reason, my gallery has many categories of presentation, and difference of the camera. Previously, while I was studying in the field of Photography in a few years and a little experiences of working donated me more knowledge about principle, theory, and the process of using enough. Nevertheless, one thing that important for the photographer survive is their point of view. There are several reasons of new generation photographer in this era insist that they prefer an important of the expensive camera and luxury option to show others than the perfect skill and the good viewpoint. As a metaphor that a hundred thousand accessories but a hundred skills

The realistic philosophy of Photography is, Phos (lighting) and Graphien (drawing), Drawing with Light. Therefore, the people who really passion in photography know good enough about lighting as well as equipment for taking the photo, after function is just surveying so as to look for the ideal point of view that you want to present. Try to spend your time to explore around the subject. Photographic has no correct and incorrect, but it just has like and dislike. Everything has the explanation themselves. Picture can sell itself. The one who appreciates being you.

Nowadays, I have left from the career of professional photography for five years and move into the other professions. I have just my splendid digital compact camera which I always take it all the time in order to record the story of life in many places that I have seen, no rule, no boundary, just shooting.

All of my pictures that I show in this online gallery, I can guarantee that they are my only one profile pictures. Moreover, I cannot bring the pictures from others to be mine. Last of all, I hope that the sightseers will enjoy viewing with my picture story. Does anyone have any comments, lets me know as soon as you can to continue our learning to each other? The most significant thing, I will travel to your homepage as well. Thanks for visited.

I am learning how to create the fascinating viewpoint. It wont be a problem for me as I liked travelling and seeing new things. Life is always worth living as our journey through life still has a long way to go.

My motto is. The whole trouble with you is you dont believe in yourself, you dont believe in your own ability..The more you practice, the better you will become. Practice makes perfect.

Please forgive me if you cannot understand this narration because my English is not good quite. However, I am trying my best to communicate with you in English.

Those of you who are interested in the field of Photography, I try to deliberate for more knowledge when I have time. I can be reached at another email address. Here it is and //


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