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All right! It have been a long time ago that I didn't update my life in US by Bloggang. The first reason is the family don't have a HI-SPEED internet that I can have time to get on and at least update something cuz the internet is damn slow...LOL

but now I maoved back to the 1st host family. So, I can be a ble to get on and tell all of you about some story that I have been doing right here.

Well, kinda sux cuz it just only 2 months left here for me...


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Hey BOY !!!!!

Hi everyone,

Today I usedanother exchange student computer that because My host parents go to another city. Just only them have some sweet time together. Another kids go to their grandparents house and I'm stay with Joel (exchange student from South Korea). Anyway, I've to make Thai Presentation in International education week 2006 by next 2 weeks. So I hope everyone fine. Here is too cold. I'm fine and still have a GREAT time.

Love all of you so much,


Ps. I'm already have a GF. So... 555+


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Oct. 13 - End of 1st quarter
Oct. 27 - Homecomming Football game
Oct. 28 - Homecomming Dance ----**-----
Oct. 31 - Holloween Night

I hve no idea about time. I can't update my blog at all.


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I'm sorry for late.

September 25 - All district choir audition
September 29 - Due date book report

October 5 - My HBD,try-out variety show
October 6 - Broadway night (Choir)
October 21 - Homecoming Dance


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First,I'm sorry for late journal.I have only 30 mins.at house to get on the internet.Anyway now I use the internet at my school in Business technology class because,I'm already done my work.O.k. Let see I will tell you about my life after August 20 ,2006.

Monday is the first day at Herculaneum High school.I woke up around 6.00 am. Take a bath,eat some cereal.Donna is woke up and doing something.We have to go to school early because I want to change my Math class from Algebra 2 to Precalculus.So we arrive the school about 7.00 am. but Mrs.Runzi the senior counselor is not arrive the school but,we wait until she arrive.I change my class and that cause to change the teacher too....

I will be back O.k......????


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