Am L'Amour
Kaeng Tai Pla ᡧ䵻

Main Ingredient
Cotton fish 1 fish
Fish viscera sauce 30 g.
Kaffir lime leaves 3 leaves

Chilli paste Ingredient
Sliced turmeric 3 bulbs
Slice galangal 16 g.
Shallot 8 g.
Garlic 4 g.
Chopped lemon grass 24 g.
Fresh hot chilli 30
Pepper seed 5 g.
Shrimp paste 7 g.

* 30 grams = 1oz. , 1kilogram = 2.24 lbs.

Cooking Method
Chilli paste cooking
Pound all the mixture until ground
Wash and clean shrimps, cut off the heads before weight, cook with salt until fragrant and turn red.
Leave until warm then peel (edible amount is half of the original weight).
Cut shrimps in one-centimeter pieces for mixing with Nam Phrik.
Prepare Nam Phrik by pound grilled (or by microwave) shrimp paste with garlic until fine, add hot chilli and bash.
Put pieces of shrimps, seasoning with lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce and ma-kheua phuang.
Serve with side dish; cucumber, wing bean, white turmeric and crispy catfish according to proportion.

Clean the fish, grill and take the meat
Heat 2 cups of water until boiling, mix viscera sauce until boiled, strain and heat
Mix chilli paste, fish meat, after boiling add shredded kaffir lime leaves, serve with fresh vegetables; parkia, cha-om, yard-long bean, wing bean, cucumber

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