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Greetings, this is a special review from the diary of my stomach. The reason for this special review is because my experience at Seven Spoons is very eye-broadening and I would like to express my impression to the staff and anyone who is interested in Seven Spoons in the language that everyone could understand.

I have been wondering when watching some shows about some cuisine which the chef would come out and express about their cuisine in a very details and the inspiration of their meal. I just found those feelings when I first when to seven spoons and all of the staff could explain their menu and the story of their restaurant like it is not only their job but it is their passion for life.

Firstly, my impression is the staff is very friendly and they could clearly explain about the menu without any delay or asking from other people like most of the restaurant I have experienced and it feels like you just went to one of friend house and they just cook you some very special dinner.

Mango salsa shrimp soft taco

A favourite! Soft taco stuffed with a golden mango salsa, cilantro and shrimp

The combination of fresh shrimp with sweetness from mango salsa creates one of the most juiciest and spectacular flavor. I strongly recommend this one for shrimp lover.

Bacon wrapped pork filet with apple mango chutney and blue cheese potatoes

Succulent pork filet wrapped with bacon and topped with a spiced apple mango chutney

The pork filet with bacon was juicy and the sauce of apple mango chutney provides more flavors to the pork and the blue cheese potato was very delicate without any disturbing scent from blue cheese (In fact, I would like to have more of those haha)

Chorizo, black olive and fresh rocket linguine with ground macademia

Linguine, spicy chorizo sausage, black olives with Petchabun macademia nuts

This one is kind of plain to me and my friends did not enjoy the Chorizo very much(Personal opinion). However, the sweet bacon was very interesting. 

Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and smoked chipotle pepper quesadillas

Golden quesadillas stuffed with free range chicken chipotle peppers and cheddar cheese

From the first glance, I noticed that this is one of the most mouth-watering quesadillas with tightly packed of cheese and the  chicken together. In case you feel that it is too cheesy there is salsa provided with the quesadillas. Overall is one of the interesting appetizers if you are a cheese lover.

Mushroom fritti with masala dipping sauce

Local mushrooms made tempura-crispy with spiced mayo-based sauce

The texture of mushroom was crispy and well-seasoned. Very good idea for the appetizer and the lemon provided a very good strong scent which I enjoyed very much.

Crème Brulee Salted Caramel

A little too thick for the surface of the Crème Brulee however, the texture inside is soft and delicate like how good Crème Brulee should be.

Rose petal white chocolate cheesecake

A look can be deceiving could explain this extraordinary work of dessert. The texture of cheesecake was very delicate and not too soft or too hard. The rose odor could be a little annoying at first however, when you continue with such delicious cheesecake the small scent just becomes less significant. My opinion is orange or chocolate would make more interesting cheesecake.

That is all for my review. If you have any comment or suggestion for the review please feel free to leave any comment. Moreover,if anyone has any interesting restaurant which you feel it is a very special and should not be missed please recommend below I would be happy to try some new experience.

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