"Farewell December" - a Short Film
The second short film has finally been completed. I will definitely not miss the grueling 2.5 weeks of nonstop 10 hours/day work! I think I need at least a couple of weeks to recuperate from exhaustion. In retrospect, it was indeed an ambitious project to do, considering what little knowledge/equipments I had. Luckily, I had an awesome group of people who shared the enthusiasm and were willing to work to make this as good as it could be. We didn't have a Hollywood budget (in fact we didn't have a budget at all) and all the crew necessary to make a real movie. However, we worked with what we had. In a way, I guess it's good to do everything myself so I could learn different aspects of movie making. I won't lie, though, sometimes I wished I had someone to help with me the editing, sound, etc. Having to deal with all the issues, technical or creative-wise, by myself really put serious stress on my body. Next time, I'll definitely get some help.

So, here it is....


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