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Review my handmade stationary bag for journal planner!

Hi! Everybody .

Today I'll talk about my "crafts" again! 
After several weeks that I'm very interest in Journal planner and yeah! I make one for myself already! 

And after watching people review their planner on youtube everyday.I see that...most of people have a small bag for their stationary which is use for journaling and I feel likes..Mmmm...I should have one. 
This is not a good habits..likes when I see people have something and I want to have it too...oh..that's not nice..but in my case..sure..I have no money to buy it.So why don't I make it one for myself because I can! YAY!!! 

So after try to sew this bag whole day...this is the result!

I used thick felt to make this bag so it can match with my fauxdori You can see that I used 2 zipper that's because I don't have 1 zipper that long enough.

And add a little charm which is the same as my Chodori...Both of this owl and Eifel is my favorite item.

Top view.

OK..Take a look inside....On the left I attach green thin felt and pierce small square hole to store some stuffs likes note card , Tab etc.On the right I make a band for pen and pencil.You can see that I also attach 2 circle Velcro at center so I can added another folder or small bag in side...You will see on next photo.

I also have small bag inside to store something. Outside of it I attach small plastic pocket.

And the other side I have thin felt as a pocket too.

And this is when I store everything inside.

At a big pocket.I have cards...a quote card or memo note...and another pocket I have scissors and sticky note.

And this is how I store my pen...Purple is my favourite color so you will see I have lots of PURPLE pen!! YAY!

And pocket at cover is a 2 layer pocket....I mean I have 1 pocket and behind it I still can place some cards , sticker or note pad.

Lets look at small bag....I keep some sticker in this transparent pocket so I can see which one is inside.

The other side is where I keep clip and magnetic clip

And inside this bag is some masking tape. 

 Next...I'll review some stuff that I just buy.

At first this book is in a plastic back and it don't have any example so I don't know what its look like inside I think may be it a card book but is quite cheap just about 32 baht or 0.99 USD so I decide to but this book and i'm not dissapoint at all because its a sticker book! which have 12 pages which different design ...really cute and nice!

Masking tape from 20 baht shop < 0.62 dollar> all of these are 40 baht ...about 1.24 USD.  

And this set of masking tape .

The last one is My bag with my Chodori :D They are twin !!

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This is so adorable and functional. Thanks for sharing.

โดย: ibafay วันที่: 13 กุมภาพันธ์ 2560 เวลา:19:50:48 น.  

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