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Planner supplies HAUL <From B2S>


Today I'll show you some planner supplies that I buy last week.
I don't have opportunities to go out or buy stuff online so when I go to the mall I like to go to stationary shop.

B2S is a stationary shop in Central department store in Thailand which is have so many branch.

So...let see what I got :D

This is all I've got.

First is masking tape brand "Twin seven for B2S only"
This is the second time I buy this set of masking tape.
Each role is only 250 cm...which is very short but its ok for me because
I like diversity of  pattern.
This set is 55 baht. or about 1.68 USD.

This set of Highlighter is very cute...I love it!
the color is normal Highlighter but quality is good.
This set is 55 baht. or about 1.68 USD.

This is color review

And then I buy  2 pens one is frixion pen and another is multicolor pen

frixion pen is cost 39 baht about 1.19 USD.
and  multicolored pen is 42 baht about 1.28 USD.

 Multicolored pen have 8 eight color which is awesome!
But because its a cheap pen so the flow of ink is not quite good

And then  a expressions masking tape brand from Scotch brand

I heard that Scotch brand release masking tape for a while
but I can't find anywhere to buy..finally I got it yay!
They have small and big rolls.
Small rolls are cute but their pattern is not my style so I buy a big roll <18 metres>
Its cost 95 baht about 2.90 USD.
The texture is the same as adhesive tape like this

Next is a dot sticker

they have so many color but i love purple.
25 baht per pack <10 pieces>  0.76 USD. 

And then I buy some stuff from stationary shop at my University.

This is sticky note..Its very cute and good quality.
From my experience I see that is sticky note cute..It will bad at adhesive haha
but this set is great! I really love them
Its cost  29 baht each or 0.88 USD. each

and this cute pen

just 12 baht each <0.36 USD.>

and that's all I got.
Hope you enjoy!!!

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So excited to know that there are planner people out here in Thailand.

Love your blog.

โดย: ibafay วันที่: 13 กุมภาพันธ์ 2560 เวลา:19:47:18 น.  

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