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9 ธันวาคม 2550
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+++My 2nd year significant memory+++

It was a late of 1st semester, when I studied English background with Aj. Koblab. I incidentally work in group. I was going to sleep, suddenly my phone rang…
Thuang : Hellooo
You-Know-Who (YKW): May I speak to Thuang?
Thuang: Yes, I’m speaking.
YKW: I’m TKW. My friends and I are working at student union, and you have to come to help.
Thuang: What?? You know? This is almost midnight, we have the test tomorrow. Why you just do…
YKW: We will take your name off unless you come.
Therefore, I came with my flashdrive and information. The good news is they never keep my information. They wish me to type 50 pages at that night. What will happen if I do not back up a report data? Therefore, they can only order me to do a new work. Thanks, Lord Buddha. It took only 2 hours, so I went to bed around 2 am.
This is said that I have no friend. In fact, I just want to say that I want friends who have THE RESPONSIBILITY, not a friend who call me to finish a report a night before hand in. No wonder how I am very happy to work in “one man show” project. This story is a part of a reason.

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