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Good Charlotte - The Chronicles of life and death

Artist: Good Charlotte
Album: Chronicles of life and death
Title: The Chronicles of life and death

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you come in cold
you're covered in blood
they're all so happy you've arrived
the doctor cuts your cord
hands you to your mom
she sets you free in to this life

and where do you go
with no destination
no maps to guide you
wouldnt you know
that it doesn't matter
we all end up the same

these are the chronicles of life and death
and everything between
these are the stories of our lives
as fictional as they may seem
you come in this world
and you go out just the same

today could be the best day of your life

and money talks
in this world
that's what idiots will say
but you'll find out that this life
is just an idiots parade
before you go
you've got questions
and i want answers
but now your cold covered in blood
right back to where you started from


today could be the worst day of your life


today could be the best day of
today could be the worst day of
today could be the last day of your life
its your life
your life

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