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÷ȹ͹Ѻͧ The Legend ӹҹѵ෾ä

س Ladymoon ҹѹ Ѻ繤Ũҡѧͧ 鹩Ѻʵǻ soompi ͺسҡѺ


TWSSG - the supposed script of Ep 24 ending
korean to english translation by gaulsan
Thai Translation by

The writer Song Jina has shared the script of the episode 24 on her blog.
Here is the last 1/3 of the script that is different from the broadcasted drama.
As the early 2/3 is identical to the drama that we've already seen, my translation starts from the part after Ajik has been kidnapped.
¹ չ ʵ캷͹ 24 ŧ㹺ͧ͡ 繵͹ᵡҧҡѺ (ա¹ͧҡҡúҴ红ͧͧع) ͹ѧҡҨ꡶١ѡҵ

Hogae is about to leave for the battle.
Kiha: It's time to end everything. Go and bring him here.
: Ҩͧз 仹ӵҷ
Hogae: I should bring him alive.
: ҨйӵҡѺ
Kiha: ... I have something to tell him. After I tell my words and after he listens to my words, take his heart.
: պҧҧк͡ ѧҡҿѧҾٴ ҹ㨢ͧ
Hogae: We take the heart of the King of Jyooshin, release the power of the heaven, and then...
: ҨФѡ㨢ͧҪ觨٪Թ ŴӹҨä ѧҡ...
Kiha: It is the power to control rain, winds, and clouds. Now it will belong to the people of the earth. We won't have to rely on the heaven from then on.
: ӹҨǺ, , ѹе繢ͧ ҡҡͧ觾äա
Hogae: May I ask you? What are you going to tell him?
: ͢Ҷ Ҩк͡áѺ
Kiha: Well.... what am I going to tell him? Maybe I will realize when I meet him.
: Ҩк͡áѺҧ Ҥ龺˹
Hogae: Are you going to kill him with your hands?
: ҨЦҴͧͧ͢
Kiha: I've already stabbed his heart before.
: ҡᷧ㨢ͧ
Hogae: You told me last time that you were going to die with him.
: ǡ͹Һ͡ҤԴе¾
Kiha: (smiles) Come back soon. I will wait you here.
: () պѺҹ Ҩ

Hogae walks a couple of steps, looks back at Kiha as if it is the last moment he sees her, and then walks out.
Թ͡ѹѺͧ ǡѺҹ繤ش·Ҩ˹ҹҧ Ǩ֧Թҡ

Kiha puts the symbols on the altar.
As she puts each symbols one by one on the alter, red light start to emit from the megalith and it grows stronger.
ҧҧѭѡɳ§ѹԹ ʧᴧҴͧҨҡԹ

Battle field
Damdeok raises his head and looks at Abullansa.
That gaze leeds to the Priest who is standing at the top of the stairs of Abullansa, as if they are looking at each other.
µͧçѧë׹躹ѹ䴢ͧҺѹ ǡѺҧѧͧͧѹСѹ
Damdeok on his horse starts to run toward Abullansa, and fights with the enemy that are on his way. Hogae saw Damdeok, and runs on his horse towards Damdeok.
As Hogae comes forth, Taewang soldiers try to attack him.
However, Hogae is too strong, and only Damdeok comes into his sight.
Damdeok is heading to Abullansa.
͡躹ѧ ѧ˹ҵçѧҺѹҾѺѺѵ仵ʹҧ 繷֧͡ѡҵç з þҢѴҧ 觡 ͡ҹ鹷µҢͧ ͡˹ҵçѧҺѹ

another pIace of the battle field
Cheoro saw damdeok running towards the temple. Cheoro starts to run after Damdeok. Joomoochi also starts to run after Damdeok. Damdeok looks at one side. Hogae is coming. Damdeok looks at the other side. Suzini is running near by. Damdeok shouts to Suzini.
繷͡˹ҵçѧ պ͡ ٪ԡ͡蹡ѹ ͧ͡仴ҹҧ ࡡѧ ͡ѹͧա ٨ԹդǺ ͡⡹͡٨Թ
Damdeok: Go ahead. Go and find the child.
͡ : պ仪硡͹
Suzini runs ahead.
Damdeok turns his horse toward Hogae.
Kiha is standing in front of the megalith, touches it. She is waiting.
The megalith is vigorously vibrating and emitting red light.
׹˹ԹѡԷ ҧѧͤ ԹҴʧᴧ͡

Hogae + Damdeok
Damdeok and Hogae are running towards each other.
They start a severe fight.
Hogae hears Kiha's voice, 'Come back soon. I will wait you here.'
Թ§ պѺҹ ҨФ
Hogae: (shouting) She wants to talk with you. Shall I let you go?
: (⡹) ҧҡٴѺҹ Ҥû·ҹ
Damdeok barely blocks Hogae's mad sword.

Sujini is running on her horse towards Abullansa, there are too many soldiers on her way. She keeps shooting arrows, but they are too many.
When Sujini was about to surrounded by the enemy, Heukgae and a dozen of his men appears to help her. The soldier who were attacking Sujini is slayed by Heukgae. Sujini looks back and finds Heukgae. Sujini also finds an enemy who is about to attack Hekgae. Sujini prepares to shoot arrow.
٨ԹդǺҵçѧҺѹ ҧҧշҡԹ ҧԧ ǡҡԹ ͹٨Թաѧ١ѵ ֡ࡡѺͧҡҪ ÷ի٨Թն١֡ѧ ٨ԹͧѺ֡ ҧѵ١ѧз֡ ٨Թէҧѹ
Heukgae: (while fighting) Dont stand dallying. Go on!!
֡ : Ƿ պ

Sujini, in tears, keeps running. Heukgae is blocking the enemy.
Heukgae is stabbed. He still fights. He is stabbed again. He grabs a soldier who is trying to run after Sujini.
He tries to keep fighting, but there are too many enemies around him. Sujini runs towards Abullansa, she is crying.
٨ԹդǺҵ ֡ࡢҧѵ ֡ࡶ١ᷧ ѧ Ҷ١ᷧա ҤҵǷ÷٨Թ ѧִ ѵҡԹ ٨ԹդǺҵçѧҺѹҷ駹ӵ

Damdeok +Hogae
Damdeok attacks Hogae. Both of them are on the ground now.
Damdeok anxiously looks at Abullansa, which is in the back of Hogae.
͡ ͹駤ӡѹ躹 ͧ͡价ҧҺѹ ҹѧ
DD: Is it you? Did you kidnap my son? (while attacking Hogae)
͡ : ·ѡҵ١
Hogae steps back in surprise.
DD: Is that what you want? Are you going to stab the heart of an innocent child, and steal the power of heaven? Will she be there, too?
͡ : ҵͧẺ Ҥѡ硵Ҵ ͢ӹҨä ҧ蹴
Damdeok attacks in anger.
Hogae: (while defending Damdeok's sword) Your son?
: ١ͧҹ
Damdeok: Yes, my son. My son who was born from the woman who killed my father.
͡ : ١ͧ ١ԴҡʵշѧþкԴҢ
Hogae giggles, and then attacks Damdeok. The power was so strong that Damdeok steps back. Hogae stops fighting and starts to talk.
Hogae: No, she didn't.
ѹҨ͡ عç͡ شѹҾٴ
: ҧ
Damdeok: Shut up and get out of my way.
͡ : غҡ鹷ҧ
Damdeok attacks Hogae. Hogae doesn't move. Damdeok's sword is deep in Hogae's shoulder. Damdeok stops in surprise.
Hogae: Your father killed himself, just like my father.
He wanted you to become that f**king king. They didn't ask us what we wanted, and died as they wanted.
͡ Ѻ кͧ͡ѡ֡ҷͧ ͡Чѡҧš
: кԴҢͧҹҵǵ ͹͢ҹ
çҡҹ繡ѵ ǡ¶ҵͧ ҧͧͧ
Damdeok drops his sword and steps back. He is so shocked that he cannot speak a word.
͡¡к૶ѧ ҵ㨫Шٴ͡
Hogae: She couldn't tell you the truth. Auugh!
: ҧ͡ԧѺҹ
Hogae pulls Damdeok's sword while screaming.
The sword drops on the ground. Hogae holds his sword with his left hand.
Hogae: You must understand her, that will leave me less regret.
She is such a woman, who has been so loyal to you, and that's why I couldn't win her love.
ࡴ֧кͧ͡͡ к赡ŧ ¡к鹴ͫ
: ҹ㨹ҧ Ҩ֡㨹ŧ
ҧ繼˭ԧ˹ ѡѡյͷҹ ˵طѡͧҧ
Hogae shouts to Damdeok, who was standing motionless in shock.
Hogae: Pick up your sword. Let's end this properly.
ࡵ⡹͡͡ ׹¤
: Ժк Ҩͧѹз
Damdeok looks at his sword on the ground, but doesn't move. Hogae attacks with a shout. Damdeok, as a reflex action, tumbles on the ground, holds his sword, and swings it. The sword stabs Hogae, who had no will to defend. Hogae falls on his knees.
Damdeok: (shouting) Why!!
ͧ͡к躹 Ѻ ࡺءҨ ͡ͺ ҷ駵ŧ ҡкǵѴ кҧ Դлͧѹ ࡷشŧ
͡ : (⡹)
Hogae pulls out the sword.
Damdeok: Why didn't anyone tell me, why!!!
͡ : ֧ú͡
Hogae: (on his knees, even smiling,) Becuase you are the king of Jyooshin.
: (ء) зçҪ觨٪Թ
Hogae is falling on the ground. Damdeok holds him.
Soldiers of Hooyeon is approaching Damdeok to attack, but General Kho and his soldiers come and stop them. Not aware of the battle going around, Damdeok and Hogae continues to talk.
ŧ ͡Фͧ ýࡡѧҷ·͡ ¾⡡ѺҢҧ ѺѺùͧʹͺҧ ͡Ѻѧ¡ѹ
Damdeok: Come on,
͡ : ҵ¹
Hogae: Make her live. You can do it. I couldn't.
: ҧժԵ ҹ ҷ
Damdeok: Hogae.
͡ :
Hogae: Go, the king of Jyooshin... and my old.... friend.
: Ҫ觨٪Թ Ңͧ
Hogae dies.
Geneal Kho and his soldiers are fighting against soldiers of Hooyeon. General Kho shouts to Damdeok.

¾⡡ѺõѺѺý ¾⡵⡹͡͡
Gen K: You must go, your majesty.
¾ : պʴԴ Һҷ

The Priest is running in a hurry.
Priest: Don't let anybody come in here. Don't allow anyone to bother me.
: һ úǹ
The Hwacheons runs out.
Other place inside Abullansa
Sujini managed to hide in the temple. She is looking for Ajik.
Һѹ ٨Թի͹ ҧѧҨ

Kiha looks back. The priest brings the child. The child is scared.
Priest: We don't have time. Our last defence line is broken. They are coming.
ѹͧ þ ҡҴ
: ҹش¢ͧҡѧᵡ ǡҡѧ
Kiha: Who is he?
Priest releases the child. The child tries to run away.
The black smoke comes out from the priest's hand, and reaches the child.
The child faints. Kiha holds the fainting child.
As walking towards the altar,
ûµ 硾˹
ѹմ¨ҡͧ͢价 ź
Priest: (as walking towards the altar) Bring him here. We don't have much time.
: ҷ ҡ
Kiha: Tell me. Who is this child?
: ͡ 硤
Priest: What are you waiting for?
This is the moment that we have waited for two thousand years.
Bring him here.
ҹҵ 2,000 պҷ
Kiha: (shouting) Answere me!
: (⡹) ͺ
Priest: Be wide awake, the shaman of fire.
Yon Hogae cannot bring the heart of the king. That child has the heavenly blood.
: 蹫з ԴѤ
͹շҧ㨢ͧѵ͡ 硤ʹä
Kiha: Heavenly... blood?
: ʹä
The Priest throws his dagger aiming at the child. Kiha tries to protect the child. That moment, the dagger is reflected by the child's power.
âҧմ价 Ҿһͧ մ仴ӹҨä㹵Ǣͧ
Priest: See? I cannot kill that child. He has the blood from his heavenly father and his mother of earth. So you should do it.
: ѧ Ҧ硤 ʹäҡʹҡ ҵͧ繤ͧ
Kiha: This child is....
: 硤...
Priest walks toward Kiha. At that moment, an arrow hit the Priest.
Sujini continues to shoot arrows, and they hit the neck and chest of the Priest. However, the Priest still stands, pulls out one of the arrows, and throws it away.
Sujini, aiming at the Priest,
Թç价 ͹ͧոپһѡ ٨ԹѧԧٵⴹҷӤͧ͡ ѧ׹ ֧١͡ ¹ѹ
Sujini: Don't kill him.
٨Թ :
Kiha looks at Sujini.
Sujini: That child is.... your son, sister.
٨Թ : 硤١ͧ
Kiha:... Sister...
Sujini: Please don't harm him.
٨Թ : ôҷ

Damdeok runs into Abullansa, but Hwacheons block his way.
͡Һѹ ǡҪ͹ҧ
Sujini's arrow flies to the Priest, but the Priest catches it with his hand.
Priest: Life of human passes in a moment anyway.
٨Թԧ Ҥѹ
: Դҵͧ·ء
The priest throws the arrow to Sujini. It hits Sujini on her shoulder.
By the power of that arrow, she falls on her back.
Kiha tries to run to Sujini, but the Priest blocks her way.
§٨Թ ѹⴹҷ çͧٷҧŧ Ҿҫ٨Թ âҧ
Priest: The child must feel happy if he knows that his blood could be changed into the power of heaven. Now, take his heart.
: 硵ͧդآ ʹͧ¹ӹҨä ѡ㨢ͧҫ
Kiha: Are you telling me to take my son's heart? Are you a human?
: ҹ͡Ҥѡ١ͧ ҹѧ繤
Priest: If I were him, I would be happy.... to sacrifice myself.
: Ң Ҥ еͧ
The next moment, the priest changes into black smoke, and goes into Kiha's body.
Sujini wakes up and looks in surprise. Kiha tries to run away, but stops. When Kiha opens her eyes again, the eyes are changed.
͹ͧáҧ繤ѹմ ԧҧ ٨Թءͧ¤Ҵ Ҿ˹ ͧЧѡ ͤҢա µҢͧҧ¹
Entrance of Abullansa
Damdeok is fighting against the Hwacheons. Joomochi and Cheoro come to help. While they are fighting against the Hwacheons, Damdeok runs in.
͡ѺǡҪ͹ ٪ԡѺҪ ҧǡҵѺǡҪ͹ ͡պ仢ҧ

Kiha lies the child on the altar, turns around, picks up the dagger, and approaches the child.
Sujini: What are you doing?
ҧŧԹ ѹԺմ еç
٨Թ : 蹷ҹз
Sujini attacks Kiha with her dagger. Kiha stops the dagger with one hand, and breaks it (like the Priest did before). Sujini is thrown away.
Kiha and the Priest struggle in front of the child. Sujini stands up and runs to Kiha.
Kiha grabs Sujini and tries to stab her. At that moment, Kiha hears the voice of her mother.
٨ԹյçҨҴմ شմ͢ҧѡѹ ٨Թն١ѡ ҡѺõѹͧç˹ ٨ԹءҤ Ҥҵǫ٨Թоᷧ Թ§ͧ
Mother: Kiha.
Kiha stops.
Mother: This is your younger sister.
: ͹ͧǢͧ١
Sujini gets out of Kiha's hand and runs toward the child.
Kiha tries to chase her, and she hears the mother's voice again.
Mother: You must protect her. I believe you can.
٨ԹѴشҡͧ͢觵ç价 Ҿ Թ§ա
: ١ͧͧͧ ١
Kiha stops again.
Damdeok is running inside Abullansa.
Sujini reaches to the child. Kiha grabs Sujini and throws her away with great power. Kiha and the Priest fight fiercely.
٨Թ件֧ Ҥҵǫ٨Թ¹͡仴¾ѧ ҡѺáѧѹҧʹ
Kiha: (gasping) Please don't do this.
: ҷẺ
Unlike her will, the knife reaches the child's body. Blood comes out of the child's body.
That moment, Kiha bursts out in anger. The priest is expelled from Kiha's body and hits the wall.
¤մҴⴹҧͧ ʹԹ͡ йͧԴø͡ á͡ҡҧͧ ᷡѺᾧ
Sujini shouts in sorrow.
Sujini: Unni~~! No!!
٨Թ : ҹ......
Kiha rises into the air. The Priest also watches. Kiha is changing into the black Joojak.
¢ҡ á蹡ѹ ҡѧ¹ˤԧ
Entrance of Abullansa
Joomoochi and Cheoro stop fighting for a moment. The whole area is getting dark.
٪ԡѺشõǢ ͷͧ״Դŧ
Sujini holds the child and runs towards the entrance. A small amount of blood dropped on the altar.
Suddenly, fire burst out of Kiha. Everthing around are starting to burn. Damdeok, who just arrived, holds Sujini and the child, and protects them.
٨Թ觵çѧҧ ʹŹͧ躹Թ ԧԴ͡ҡҧͧ ءҧͺ ١ʹ ͡Ҷ֧çҡʹ٨ԹաѺͻͧ
Damdeok looks at Kiha in surprise. Kiha is already unconscious. Damdeok puts Sujini aside and starts to fight with the Priest.
ͧ͡价ҧš Ѻ ͡ҧҧ٨Թŧѹ仵Ѻ
Damdeok hits the Priest with his sword. Priest blocks the sword with his bare hand. The sword breaks and the broken part hits the chest of Damdeok.
The blood of the child starts to move and reaches the symbol of Baekho. The symbol of Baekho starts shining.
͡Ҵѹô¡к äҡк кѡкҧǹһѡͧ͡͡
ʹͧԹⴹѭѡɳѤ ѭѡɳѤʧ

Entrance of Abullansa
Joomoochi suddenly stops fighting. He can't move for a while. At that moment, one of the Hwacheon hits him with a sword, but the sword gets broken.
Joomoochi looks back, and pushes him. The man gets thrown away by Joomoochi's power.
٪ش ҢѺǢ ͹ͧǡҪ͹ѹкѡͧ͹

The blood reaches the symbol of Cheongryong. The symbol of Cheongryong starts to shine.
ʹⴹѭѡɳѧÿ ѭѡɳѧÿʧ

Entrance of Abullansa
As Cheoro swings his spear, the Hwacheons gets blown away like dead leaves.
õѴǹ ǡҪ͹繡д͹͹

The blood reaches the symbol and Hyonmoo. The symbol of Hynmoo starts to shine.
ʹⴹѭѡɳҧ ѭѡɳҧʧ

The blood reaches the symbol of Joojak.
Damdeok realizes that the handle of sacred bow is shining.

The blood reaches the symbol of Joojak, but the symbol doesn't shine.
Damdeok holds the sacred bow. Priest looks back. Damdeok runs toward the Priest.
ʹⴹѭѡɳˤԧ ѭѡɳʧ
͡¡ѹ෾ ѹͧ ͡觵çҨ
The Priest tries to defend himself, but the sacred bow goes through the Priest's chest.
Priest looks down on his chest, as if he cannot believe what's happening.
Black smoke is coming out of the wound. Damdeok hits him once more with the sacred bow. Priest crumbles and disappears. Only his cloth is left behind.
þͧѹͧ ѹ෾ͧ͡ áŧͧͧͧ͡ ǡѺ觷Դ ѹմ͡ҨҡҴ ᷡ͡ա駴¤ѹ෾ ÷شŧ §ͼҹ

Damdeok: Kiha.
͡ :
Damdeok turns around and looks at Kiha.
Kiha's eyes are closed. She is unconscious.
Damdeok: Please stop.
ǧҢͧһԴʹԷ ҧѺա
͡ : ôش
Kiha shows no response. Flames are flying around.
The sacred bow appears, and an arrow appears. Kiha is still unconscious.
Damdeok pulls the arrow, but cannot shoot it. After a moment, he puts the arrow down.
Sujini: Please stop her, before it is too late.
ͺ ԧѧء⪹ͺ
ѹ෾ҡ鹾١ ѧʵ ͡ҧѹ ͡ ҡŴѹŧ
٨Թ : ôشҧ ͹ѹԹ
Damdeok looks at Sujini.
Damdeok: Is this it? After two thousand years, I found four gods, and proved that I am the king of Jyooshin... sacrificing so many people. Is this all that I can do? Only to kill the woman who gave birth to my child.
͡ : ҹ ѧҡҹ 2,000 龺Էѡ ٨ҵͧҪ觨٪Թ ͧЪԵҡ ҷҹ ҷѧʵշԴصâͧ
Sujini: The whole world will be burnt. Please stop her before she commits more sin. Please.
٨Թ : 鹷šж١Ҽҭ ôشҧ͹ҧС͡ҡҹ ô
Damdeok makes a small smile to Sujini, and turns toward Kiha.
Damdeok: Sin... I also commited a sin. My sin is that I didn't trust you.
I must tell the heaven that this is the nature of human being. They regret when they make mistakes, and they learn when there is things they don't know. Now I realize what I should do.
͡٨Թ ѹҤ
͡ : ͡ ͧ͡蹡ѹ ͧҡ͡ ҡ͡äҹ͸ҵԢͧ ӹ֡ӼԴҴŧ ¹觷 ͹Ҥ÷ѧ
Damdeok holds the sacred bow with two hands, breaks it, and throws it away.
Damdeok: Kiha, don't you understand yet?
The heaven is asking us, whether we can stand by ourselves, or we want them to rule over us.
͡Ѻѹôͷͧҧ ѡѹ¹
͡ : ѧ
äѧ Ҩ׹µͧ ҡä컡ͧ
The sacred bow burns and disappears.
Kiha opens her eyes and looks at Damdeok.
Damdeok: It is not the heaven. It is human that makes the choice.
͡ : ä͡ ҧҡͧ͡
The symbol of Baekho is destroyed.
Damdeok feels severe pain and walks unsteadily.
Entrance of Abullansa
Joomoochi bleeds from his mouth and falls down. Cheoro looks back.
Joomoochi barely stands.
٪ʹ͡ҡҡŧ ѹͧ ٪׹
Damdeok: The mission of the King was to answer to this question.
That was his mission.
͡ : áԨͧѵ͵ͺӶ áԨͧ
The symbol of Cheongryong is destroyed.
Damdeok is about to fall down.
Sujini looks at Damdeok and the symbols.
She realized that when the symbols get destroyed, Damdeok gets wounded from inside.
Blood comes out from Damdeok's ear.
ҧѭѡɳ١ ͡ѺҴ纨ҡ ʹ͡Ҩҡ٢ͧ͡
Entrance of Abullansa
Cheoro stops moving. The pain is severe. Hwacheon attacks him. Cheoro is wounded on his arm. He drops his spear.
ش͹ 纻Ǵҡ Ҫ͹Ҩ ⴹ·ᢹ ǹͧŧ
Sujini shouts desperately.
Sujini: Unni, please stop. If all the symbols get destroyed, the king will die, too. Please stop him.
٨Թ : ҹ ôش ѭѡɳ١ Һҷͧ´ ôش
Blood comes out of Damdeok's mouth.
Damdeok: This is my answer.
I turned the heaven's power back to heaven. I will turn the power of Joojak, too.
So... you will be safe. I've already answered them.
͡ : ͤӵͺͧ
Ң觤׹ӹҨä Ң觤׹ӹҨˤԧ Ҩлʹ ͺӶǡ
The symbol of Hyonmoo explodes. Damdeok falls on his knees.
Hyongo, who was at the back of the front line, faints.
ѭѡɳҧԴ ͡شŧ ͹ŧʵ
Kiha looks at Sujini desperately. Only Sujini can hear Kiha's voice.
Kiha(voice): My sister, please put my fire out.
ͧ٨Թҧѭ ٨ԹշԹ§ͧ
: ͧ ô´ѺҴ
Kiha: This is what I want. Help me.
: 觷ҵͧ ¢ҷ
The symbol of Joojak starts to shine (like waking up).
The symbol flies to Sujini's hand. Wind blows out from the symbol.
Sujini holds that symbol with one hand and puts that hand on her chest.
(Just like Hwan Woong has taught her.)
Light comes out from Sujini. Fire starts to disappear.
The light surrounds Damdeok, and Damdeok who was about to die recovers.
ѭѡɳˤԧʧ (ǡѺ١ء)
ѭѡɳͧ͢٨Թ Ѵ͡Ҩҡѭѡɳ ٨Թնѭѡɳ͢ҧ˹ ҧա͡ (͹ҧ෾ҹا͹ҧ) ʧ͡Ҩҡǫ٨Թ ҧ ʧͺ͡ ͡觡ѧе¿鹤׹Ե
Kiha looks at the child, who is sleeping on Sujini's lap.
Damdeok watches Kiha. Kiha smiles to him. Suddenly, flame surrounds Kiha and Kiha disappears. As Kiha disappears, Damdeok's sillhouette that is standing up is visible.
With that light, the child opens his eyes and looks at Damdeok.
Sujini looks at Damdeok. In Sujini's hand, the symbol of Joojak stays intact.
ͧ͡ 信ͺҧ ͤ §Ңͧ͡׹ ʧ鹷Ңͧҷ͡ ٨Թͧ͡ ͧ͢٨Թѧѭѡɳˤԧ

Entrance of Abullansa
Cheoro, Joomoochi, and everyone stops Fighting to look at the strong light.
The darkness gets away and the blue sky and sun appear again.
, ٪, зءشõͧ价ʧԴ ״ ͧդѺǧҷԵҡա

Battle field.
Hyongo looks up at the light. Other Geomul disciples, too.
͹˹ͧʧҧ Ť 蹡ѹ

Gooknae sung
People walk around. Cheoro is walking towards this side.
He smiles and steps aside. Joomoochi jumps on the place that Cheoro stood a moment ago. Joomoochi attacks Cheoro again, but Cheoro doesn't want to fight.
Cheoro throws a basket to Joomoochi. When Joomoochi looks around, Cheoro already disappeared.
餹Թѹѡ Թçҷҧ ǡźҧ ٪ԡŧҵç׹ ٪Ҩա ҡ蹴 §С٪ ͨ٪ѹͧ áµ

Narration(Hyongo's voice):
The name of the 19th King of Koguryo wasThe meaning of the name is, 'the great king who opened up the large land, brought peace, and who was beloved by people.'
йͧѵͧ 19 ⡤ͤ ҡҧ йդ ѵ˭ ءԡԹᴹѹҧ˭ ӾѹҾ 繷ѡͧЪҪ

One corner of a barrack
Archers are all gathered, surrounding a table, they are shouting and cheering.
In the middle, two soldiers are having a match on who is the strongest drinker.
They are drinking in large bowels. There are several empty bowels around.
One person drinks up first, and shows the empty bowel.
It is Sujini.
The other person keeps drinking... but gives up.
Sujini won. Archers shout in joy. Sujini beats her chest victoriously.
Ÿǡѹ ͺ ҡѹ⡹ѧ çҧǧշ 2 ¡ѧ觡ѹèФ秷ش ǡҴҡ ժҧͺ ˹觴͹ ¡
ա ͧ
٨Թժ Ÿ§Ρѹ ٨Թշغ͡ҧժ

Narration(Hyongo's voice):
The Taewang was a good governor - much better in governing than in fighting.
It is written in the megalith. His generosity reached to the heaven, and his power reached to four seas. People could live in peace, being able to work at their home town.
The country became wealthy, the people were happy, and crops gave good harvest.
Ҫҷç繹ѡͧ 繹ѡͧ觡Ҩ觡ҽ͡ú պѹ֡麹ԹѡԷ Ӿз¢֧ͧͧͧǧä ӹҨͧͧ좨价 4 Һط ЪҪѹҧʧآ ҡԹ㹺ҹͧͧͧ ԭ觤 ЪҪآ תóѭشó

Training yard
Young Georyon(son of Damdeok) is having a sword match with someone.
(It could be Seung Ho[the actor that did the role of young Damdeok], but the hair style is different. It is tied up like the teenager Damdeok.)
͹ (ʢͧ͡) ѧдҺѺúҧ

Hyongo's voice: What Taewang wanted was peace. He expected it to last about a century. The peace after that is up to the people of that era, he said.
觷Ҫҵͧäѹآ çѧѹФҹѺ» ѹآѺЪҪؤ ç蹹

The person who is having the match with Georyon was Damdeok. He is smiling. Beside him, old Kho Woo Choong is watching them. As Georyon attacks, Damdeok holds the child's arm and hugs him. We can feel how he loves his son.
дҺѺ͹ͷ͡ ç ҧ٫ا׹ͧ ͹Ҩ ͡Ѻᢹͧд֧ҡʹ ֡ҷçѡ˹

Hyongo voice: But the Taewang died when he was 39. His son Jang-soo Taewang expanded the land even further.
Yes. there was peace for about a century.
Ҫҷçä;Ъ 39 Ҩҧ ´Թᴹ

Library of Geomul Village
The Geomul disciples are hurrying to hide their records and their books.
Subtitle: 668 AD. Koguryo falls by allied forced of Shilla and Tang.

.. 668 ҳҨѡ⡤¡ءҹͧҪǧѧ
Hyongo's voice: That peace lasted about two centuries.
ѹآ鹤§ 200

Geomul village
The disciples are carrying their records away, but are stooped by the soldiers. The soldiers killed them all. The soldiers burn the records.
Subtitle: All the records of Koguryo history is burned by the Tang army.
պ觢ѹ֡ ١èѺ æҾǡҵ¨§ Һѹ֡

21st century, Inchoen Airport
In the midst of people and traffic, Hyongo and young Sujini are carrying their bag.
Sujini: So you mean only the monument is left to tell the story?
ȵɷ 21, ʹԹԹ͹
ҧ餹СèҨ ͹⡡Ѻ٨Թչ¡ѧǡ
٨Թ : ¤͹ҹ鹷ͧ͡ǹ
Hyn: When Tang invaded, all the record of Kyguryo history was burned.
Hundreds of history records disappeared.
͹ : ͹Ҫǧѧء ѹ֡ѵʵͧ⡤ͷ١ҷ ѹ֡ҧѵʵѺ٭
Sujini: Oh, it's there.
٨Թ : 䧤
People are listening to the tour guide.
Guide: We are going to Jiban city on the third day.
Jiban was the third capital of Koguryo, and there is the monument of Kwan Gae To Tae Wang. You will visit that monument.
䡴 : Ҩ价ͧԺѹѹ 3 ФѺ
Ժѹͧǧ觷 3 ͧ⡤ ͹ͧҡҧ⵵ Ҩ͹鹡ѹ
Sujini: (poking Hyongo, in a small voice) He says 'Taewang monument'.
That's the one you told me, right?
٨Թ : (з͹) Һ͡ ͹ͧҪҔ ͧ˹ٿѧ
Hyn: Shhhhh!
͹ : ...
Guide: You can't touch it, and you can't take pictures.
䡴 : ǡسеͧ ٻ¹ФѺ
Sujini: Why not?
٨Թ : ˧
Hyn: Oh, be quiet!! shhh!
͹ : º ˹¹

People walk by.
A man is walking away, carrying his bag. Is he Cheoro, with his hair cut?
There is another man riding on a taxi. He looks like Hogae wearing a suit.
¤˹ǡԹҹ ÷Ѵ
ѧժա躹硫 Ҫҧ͹㹪شٷ

People come and go.
Among them there could be the four gods, and maybe a new Taewang.
ҧҹҨռԷѡ 4


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