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we have been waiting to have a baby for 4 years. I am perfectly normal unfortunately my husband has a problem with the sperm shape. That is the reason our doctor suggests us to go through icsi.
finally we found the solution to fix our problem. Before, we went to see some doctors in Thailand and no one told us this problem. we went through iui 1 process but it didn't work out. luckily we didn't continue with iui because it would haven't worked out anyhow anyway. ( if the shape of the sperm is abnormal it can't fertilize the egg. )

icsi = intracytoplasmic sperm injection
for people who don't know what is icsi. It is a technique used very fine needle to suck just one good healthy sperm and inject into an egg.

Here are some of my pills

my dose is 200 iu. "Puregon" This medicine is a liquid one and i need to inject it into my tummy myself everyday for some amount of time. it is used with a needle pen. ( i though it was hard and painful. amazingly it was very easy. Yesterday a nurse asked me to try it with a needle alone. I didn't really feel any pain. I actully didn't know it already went inside my skin. probably i have so thick fat skin. )luckily for this medicine i don't pay for it. it is benefit from goverment.

"Microgynon" taking this medicine one a day start after my period arrives for 5 days. i can't wait anymore. For the first time i expect my period to come soon! it comes with 3 packs of pills containing 21 tabs for one pack. it costs me $26.50

"Synarel" This medicine is a nasal spray. it can be used after starting pills for about 2 weeks or else the nurse will let me know before hands. It is used twice a day, every 12 hours and allowed for half an hour late only! ; otherwise it won't work well. It costs me $ 100

that is all the list of my pills from now. As I know there are more to come which I will bring them on later.

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Hi there...We are on the same journey kha!

My hubby and I are doing our 3rd IVF+ICSI kha.... It's been such a rollercoaster, but it's worth trying :P We don't give up easily even though it's going to be so difficult for us.

We are in the US kha. It might be similar for the cost of IVF and ICSI compares to in AUS. But the emotions of the patients are probably the same

If you ever have anything to talk about, I'm glad to be your pal kha.

I hope to hear your great news soon na kha :) Good luck!!!!

โดย: ToY (tiny ) วันที่: 13 มีนาคม 2550 เวลา:20:07:23 น.
One more thing that we are facing so many factors kha.

First, both of my fallopian tubes are bad (one blocked, one with wired shape).

Second, my eggs are acting like they were from a 40 year old woman, which I’m just turning 30 in the last 2 months  My ovaries resist to stimulation drugs, so all the eggs the doctor got were not good qualities at all. This makes the embryos we got had bad qualities, too kha 

Third, my hubby’s sperm are not good either. He has both motility and morphology problems kha  At least the numbers are good …sign…

To top it off…our doctor suspects that his sperm might play the role of making our embryos being bad qualities, too kha. We are now have to take so many tests to see if the sperm have the DNA fragmentation problem or not. They also want to know if I have blood cloth problem. This blood cloth can effect the possibility of the implantation kha.

Oh…I’m sorry for my long story. I hope it’s not bother you na kha.

I really hope you this is it for you kha!!! We have been trying for over 2 years kha.

Best of luck to you again!!!!!

โดย: ToY (tiny ) วันที่: 13 มีนาคม 2550 เวลา:20:19:59 น.
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