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16 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551
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17-02-08 my day!!!!!!!

2:49 am Local Time


Nowhere to go today.


I stayed home for my entire day!!!!


It was relatively boring; fortunately, Saturday's TV programs were interesting.


I spent my day sitting in front of TV like a couch potato and grabbed some of my snacks pretty often.


Yeah, I did a little bit of exercise; skipping, running, and jumping


Thanks to that work out, I didn't feel guilty about having too much snacks.....


Anyway, I did realize that I shouldn't have some spare biscuit at home and I should have more fruits in my fridge because I finished them so fast, hence, to get rid of my craving I had to rely on those snacks that were providing me so much calories for my body.

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