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2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid - Commercial Clip

2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid - Commercial Clip

อัปโหลดโดย YouCarPress เมื่อ 1 มี.ค. 2011
Various Honda's models will be presented at 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The revised Honda Jazz marks the return of a CVT automatic transmission to the endlessly flexible B-segment hatchback. The Jazz Hybrid is also shown in full production specification, in line with Honda's commitment to petrol-electric hybrid technology. The revised Honda Accord sedan and Tourer models also make their debut at the show with a host of changes with the styling, emissions, ride and handling. The Geneva Motor Show also marks the debut of Honda EV Concept electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle platform, showing the ultimate goal of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, like the FCX Clarity. At Geneva Motor Show, the 2011 Honda Insight features a revised interior, suspension components and settings and the revised Honda CR-Z shows CO2 emissions of just 117 g/km and fuel economy of 5.0 l/100km. The CR-V equipped with the Euro NCAP award-winning Collision Mitigation Brake System, the Honda-developed autonomous emergency braking system will also be at the show.

2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid - Commercial Clip


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