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กรกฏาคม 2550
25 กรกฏาคม 2550
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Biggest Shopping Mall in BKK "Central World"

"Best Place in BKK that you shouldn't miss!"

Actually, I don't want to suggest only shopping place for all of you but during this few weeks I only got chance to visit shopping mall however, I promise that as soon as I get away outside bkk. I'll provide you more information about other things.

Today, I like to introduce you to know about our biggest shopping center in BKK "Can you guess where is that place?" Some of you may have an answer in your mind, but some of you may not so don't waste time guessing... Let's go see together!!

Yes I'm talking about "Central World"

This place is not just a normal shopping mall. I prefer to call it entertainment center because there are movie theaters, TKP (Thailand Knowlage Park), super market, restaurant and many more. I dont' want to descripe everything to you by using letter so "See by your own eyes"

"Main Exhibition Hall"

"Bangkok Film Festival"

"All time kids favorite place"

"Brand On Sale"

"Main Entrance from BTS Zone E"

"My favorite ZEN"

"My favorite store display "

"Make sure you will find the way around"

"Feel the Asian Culture Here"

" Atmosphere of Zone A "

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