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กรกฏาคม 2550
16 กรกฏาคม 2550
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Shopping at platinum mall 06-07

Welcome you all...

I create this blog special for friends who live oversea. That's nothing much just want to make all of you jealous....

As you already knew that Bangkok is one of the best place for shopping in the world (in my opinion) but you must not look for brand name stuffs.

Only few places for shoppng in BKK were known by foreniger but the fact is.. there are much more to visit as well as much more to let's get going..




The first place that I strongly recomment is Platinum Mall.. it's the best place for shopping fashion.. both for guy and girl. Here you don't need to bagain a lot coz everything there are already cheap... Most of all, you don't have to worry about raining or the heat outside.

The operation time for this mall is quite short,open from 10am til 6pm only. I would recommend you to shop with friends because if you buy anything up to 3 pieces you can get a whole sale price. Not bad right...!!

Beside over hundred shops in the building, this place also provide you a quality food court. You can find not only thaifood at this food court but also india, japanese and chinese. (Look so yummy)

Wanna know what I get??

This is only one shoes that I bought there.. well, it's differ from what I normally pick.

All above that you're seeing.. this price is less than 500 bahts. can you believe?

Above pic is also amazing cheap.. you can see all rings on your left. it's only 35 bahts each.. Wow, it's cost only $1...

You can also find lot of hair assesories here... in very resonable price.

It's me and my stuffs..

There are much more that I got on that day.. Thus, if you like to see more.. let's check on other pages..

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wellcome new friend

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