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Montblanc - The Timewalker

Finally.... I pick this one.... 10 Grand to be paid, but worth to be happy enough for me, who fall and pick myself up... and start all over again.... What a crappppp Ha ha ha ha

The previous bla bla is all about my new watches.... some might think that "Why I pick this model?" "It's not a watches brand, it's a pen!!!!" But its the only one
"Montblanc Timewalker Auto Chrono - Black and Steel brace" So what da heck to pay like 20 grand for Corum, or pay the same amount for the one that I just don't like and hesitate????

I think that watches did not reflect much of how you are, but it's reflect on how you want to be, and what you like.... So no matter how you are, smart, rich, fat, poor, ugly, naughty, bitchy (sounds like Ta Ta's single), or what ever you are.... It's your own choice, not because of someone said so....

Today, I feel like my long lost friend (s) who are now already my strangers call me with accidentally seen my portrait pop-up in the guts and realize that may be I'm in trouble, happy, alone, or just for sake of pity.... Sorry, I don't remember .... really, I don't know that why I feel emptiness with the voices I heard before... May be because I am just a kids who once have a toy... and I lost it for age, then found later.... but I already mature with time and experience along the way before I met it again.... should I pick it up and feel happy like an old day again? I don't think so...

I once wish to travel to Switzerland... But with Montblanc (White Mountain - I guess...) Timewalker... Automatic + Chronograph ..... Steel Brace.... I have enough strength to carry on my own life, by myself, with determination of being good.... I no need others to replaced what I preferred !!!

visit my strength at


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