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Name: 장근석 / Jang Geun Suk
Birth date: August 4, 1987 (September 26th as recorded in the family register)
Height: 182cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Education: DongEui Elementary School KwangJang Middle School Nelson College- BangSan High School Presently enrolled in Hanyang University, Department of Theatre and Film
Debute: He started his career at an age of 5 as a Kindergarten catalog model
Hobby: Listening to Music, Cooking, Target shooting
Interests: Driving vehicles, except a motorcycle, skiing and boarding / Interior designing
Current Interests: Take videos of his travels and edit to make short films to share among his friends. Hes becoming more interested from still pictures to moving films

[2009] SBS Wed. Thur. Drama Series [Youre Beautiful] Hwang, Tae Kyung
[2008] MBC Wed. Thur. Drama Series [Beethoven Virus] Kang, Kun Woo
[2008] KBS Wed. Thur. Drama Series [Hong Gil Dong] Lee, Changhui
[2006] KBS Wed. Thur. Drama Series [Hwang Jin Yi] Kim, Eunho
[2006] Tooniverse Drama [AlienSam] BongSam
[2005] SBS Weekend Drama Series [Lovers in Prague] Yoon, Kun Hee
[2004] MBC Youth Sitcom [Non Stop 4] Jang, Keun Suk
[2003] KBS Drama City [The Owl Museum] Jungwoo
[2002] SBS Youth Sitcom [Orange] Jang, Keun Suk
[2002] EBS Special Drama [Ten Lucks in My Life] Jihoon
[2002] SBS Anniversary Special [The Great Ambition] Young Siyoung
[2001] KBS Daily Drama [Cummi, the Fairy] Oh, Myungsuk
[2001] MBC Wed. Thur. Drama Series [The Story of 4 Sisters] Young Younghoon
[2001] SBS Mon. Tues. Drama Series [The Reign of Women] Young Jungryum
[1999] KBS Drama City [Mr. Nooroongji and Seven Potatoes] - Yoonsung
[1999] KBS Morning Drama [An Encounter] - Jiwon
[1998] SBS Morning Drama [A Hug] - Wonju
[1997] HBS Family Sitcom [Happiness for Sale] - Sudong
(The first TV Drama debut)

[2009/09/10] [The Case of Itaewon Homicide] Pierson
[2008/12/24] [Niko & the Way to the Stars] Niko (voice)
[2008/08/13] [Baby and Me] Joonsu
[2008/04/03] [Do Re Mi Fa Sol Ra Si Do] Shin, Eun Gyu
[2008/01/01] [Crazy Waiting] Park, Won Jae
[2007/09/12] [The Happy Life] Park, Hyun Joon
[2006/06/22] [Chaksinari Final - One Missed Call Final] Ahn, Jin Woo
[2003/01/01] [Treasure Planet] Jim Hawkins (voice)

[2008] KBS Drama Awards - Popularity Prize [Hong Gil Dong]
[2008] MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor [Beethoven Virus]
[2008] 2nd annual M.NET 20s Choice - Male Movie Star
[2008] 44th Paeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor [The Happy Life]
[2007] 10th Annual Director's CUT Awards - Best New Rising Actor [The Happy Life]
[2006] KBS Drama Awards - Best Couple Prize [Hwang Jin Yi]
[2005] Special Award of Recognition in SBS Radio DJs for Jang, Keun Suks Young Street
[2004] Award of Appreciation at the Youth Festival
[2002] Award of Appreciation for the Voice Acting/Dubbing for Disney Character
in Treasure Planet
[1994] Grand Prize Winner at the National Flower Children Beauty Pageant

[2009/12/02] Drama Youre Beautiful OST (Special Edition)
- What should I Do? / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009/11/13] Drama Youre Beautiful OST Part. 2 (Regular)
- Without Words / Jang, Keun Suk
- Good Bye / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009/10/14] Drama Youre Beautiful OST (Regular)
- Still / A.N. Jell
- Promise / A.N. Jell
[2009/09/10] Just Drag (Single)
- Just Drag / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009/02/04] Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love (Single)
- Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008/11/06] Drama Beethoven Virus OST (Single)
- Can You Hear Me Part 2 / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008/01/28] Black Engine (Single)
- Black Engine / Jang, Keun Suk
[2007/09/20] The Happy Life OST (Regular)
- The Happy Life (Radio Edit. Ver.) / Hwal Hwa San
- Itll Explode (Ver. 3) / Hwal Hwa San
- Itll Explode 2007 (Ver. 2) / Hwal Hwa San
- Fireworks / Hwal Hwa San
- The Happy Life (For Film) / Hwal Hwa San
[2007/08/16] The Happy Life OST (Single)
- The Happy Life (Main Theme) / Hwal Hwa San (Active Volcano)
- Itll Explode / Hwal Hwa San
[2004/05/24] Sitcom Non Stop 4 (Regular Edition)
- Sky High / Non Stop Band
- Non Band Song / Non Stop Band
- Happy Happy Birthday / Non Stop Band
- Lets Get Down / Jang, Keun Suk
- Were Here / Non Stop Band

ҷѺ 미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo
Jang geun suk Ѻ ҧᷤͧ ˹ǧ A.N.Jell 繤ѡҴ繪ԵԵ ͹ҧº ˵ؼ 繤տ (Ѻҧ͡ҡ) Ҵ ͹(Ѻҧ͡) դ繼٧ (͡㹡ٹѴ)

You're Beautiful O...


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