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STUDY VISIT 繡âͷعʹѺʹعҡ DAAD 仴٧ҹ š¹ҧԪҡ ѺԷ㹻ՠ
áѺͷͧèѴ Դʶҹء ҡ Geologisch-Paläontologisches Institüt, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

02.08.2010 to 15.08.2010

Mo, 02.08.2010 Berlin Niederfinow (75km) Zehdenick (55 km) Berlin (60km)
  • Freie Universität , Berlin
>Presentation: Introduction to the history and geology of the region and Berlins groundwater management
>Discussion of the presentation and discussion with students of the MSc degree program Geological Sciences.
>Visit laboratories
  • Visit ship-lift in Niederfinow
  • Guided tour through the brickwork-museum Zehdenick in English
  • Presentation: Geology of ice-age
accommodation: Hotel Augusta , Fasanenstr. 22 , 10719 Berlin Telefon: 030 883 5028

Tu, 03.08.2010 - Berlin Rüdersdorf (50km) Berlin (50km)

Visit to the cement factory and museum in Rüdersdorf , Museumspark Rüdersdorf, Heinitzstraße 41 , 15562 Rüdersdorf Tel . 033638/79970

Guided Tour through the Natural Science Museum Berlin, Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin Contact: 030 2093-8591

Visit of the cement factory and museum at Rüdersdorf (a geological window in time
accommodation: Hotel Augusta , Fasanenstr. 22 , 10719 Berlin Telefon: 030 883 5028

We, 04.08.2010 - Berlin Potsdam (40km) - Magdeburg (130 km)

Visit to cleaned-up areas in Potsdam (Russian barracks, gasworks sites)

Visit of the Sanssouci castles and parks in Potsdam
contact: Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg, Postfach 60 14 62
14414 Potsdam Telefon (Zentrale): 0331.96 94-0

accommodation: Hotel ElbRivera Alt Prester , Alt Prester 102, 39114 Magdeburg Telefon: 0391 81930

Th,05.08.2010 Magdeburg Morsleben (45km) Magdeburg (45km)

Visit of the underground storage of radioactive waste near Helmstedt

Visit the channel crossing over the river Elbe, Schiffshebewerk Magdeburg, Zur Schleuse, 39126 Magdeburg

Fr, 06.08.2010 Magdeburg Staßfurt (45 km) Halle (70 km)

City Tour through Staßfurt, Talk about subsidence problems related to salt mining in Staßfurt
By Johannes Gerardi , Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Ressources (BGR)

Martin-Luther-University Halle ,Visit to the Institute of earth sciences and to the botanical garden, Institut für Geowissenschaften,V. Seckendorff Platz 3, 06120 Halle

accommodation: Best Western Grand City Hotel Halle ,Neustädter Passage 5, 06122 Halle an der Saale

Sa, 07.08.2010 - Halle Sittendorf (80km) Halle (80km)

Theme of the day: Hydrogeology and gypsum Südharz

Field excursion: Departure to Südharz (Harz National Park://www.nationalpark-harz.de/en/)

Visit Periodic lake

Hydrogeology of the gypsum Krummbachtal

Lunch in Nordhausen

Visit the Salza Source and the Long Wall in Ilfeld

Visit the mining museum Rabensteiner Stollen

Geological overview of the Golden Meadow and the Kyffhäuser
Return to Halle

Su, 08.08.2010

Guided tour through Halle in English ,Stattreisen Halle,Telefon: 0345.1317189 E-Mail: info@stattreis

Visit Leipzig

Mo, 09.08.2010 Halle Dresden (150km)

Guided tour through Dresdens old town , Meeting place: Theaterplatz/Reiterdenkmal
Contact: Frau Nicole Brey, Tel.: 0172 363083

accommodation: Leonardo Hotel Dresden Altstadt ,Magdeburger Str. 1a, 01067 Dresden
Telefon: 0351 486700

Tu, 10.08.2010 Dresden Elbsandsteingebirge (50km) Meißen (85km) Dresden (30km)

Visit of the Elbsandstein-mountains and talk about the geology and geography, Visit to the Königsstein Castle
Festung Königstein gGmbH ,01824 Königstein Informationsbüro Telefon 035021 64-607

Visit to the Museum of Meißen, Mueseum of MEISSEN, Talstraße 9, 01662 Meißen
Contact: 03521 468-233/-208

We, 11.08.2010 Dresden Freiberg (40km) Dresden (40 km)

Visit to the mineralogical museum in the TU Bergakademie Freiberg
terra mineralia, Schlossplatz 4, D-09596 Freiberg Contact: 03731/39 4658

Excursion with the TU Bergakademie Freiberg to the historical underground mine
Fuchsmühlenweg 9, 09599 Freiberg/Sachsen, Contact: 03731/39 45 71

Th, 12.08.2010 Dresden Spremberg (100km) Spreewald (30km) Berlin (120km)

Visit of a lignite-mine near Spremberg

Boat tour in the Spreewald-swamps

accommodation: Hotel Augusta ,Fasanenstr. 22 ,10719 Berlin
Telefon: 030 883 5028Fr, 13.08.2010

Fr 13.08.2010 Berlin Erkner (55km) Berlin (55km)

Visit to the historical water-supply-system at Müggelsee and the museum, Müggelseedamm 307 - 12587 Berlin

Visit to the contaminated site in Erkner

Postdam Platz and Sony Center (Night tour)

Sa 14.08.2010

Walking tour in Berlin

The berlin wall documentation center

The tour begins at the East Side Gallery [1]. This open-air art exhibition on the banks of the River Spree in Friedrichshain is 1316-meters long the longest continuous surviving section of the inner Berlin Wall. If you carry on down Mühlenstrasse, you reach Stralauer Platz [2] with its remains of the inner (east-facing) Berlin Wall, now a listed monument. Carry on across Schillingbrücke bridge to the former Heinrich-Heine-Strasse crossing point [3]. The next stop is the Peter Fechter memorial. From here, follow Zimmerstrasse to the world-famous Checkpoint Charlie crossing point [4] at Friedrichstrasse. You should allow at least two hours to see the fascinating exhibition on the Wall at the Mauermuseum.
The route then takes you to the Topography of Terror [6] and around 200 meters of original Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall Trail info columns along Stresemannstrasse to Potsdamer Platz [7] and the old East German border watchtower recount the history of a divided Berlin. The S1, S2 and S25 city railway lines at Potsdamer Platz all go to Nordbahnhof and then its just a short walk to Bernauer Strasse [8] with its Berlin Wall Memorial [9], visitors centre, documentation centre and the Chapel of Reconciliation built on the former death strip.

Su 15.08.2010

Visit the Reichstag Dome in Berlin

Museumsinsel (Museum Island), Berlin

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Abraham Gottlob Werner (25 September 1749 30 June 1817) was a German geologist who set out an early theory about the stratification of the Earth's crustand propounded a history of the Earth that came to be known as Neptunism,he has been called the "father of German geology


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