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The Heaven of Temple(Tiantan)_Beijing

Tiantan (the Heaven of Temple) was built in 1420 during the reign of the emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty. It was used by emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to offer sacrifices to heaven and prayed for good harvests.

The Imperial Vault of Heaven built in 1530(the 9th year of Emperor Jiajing's reign of the Ming Dynasty), first named the Hall for Appeasing Gods, it was the main hall of the Celestial Treasure House of the Circular Mound Altar,housing the Gods'tablets to be used at the ceremony of worshipping Heaven.It was renamed the Imperial vault of Heaven in 1538(the 17th year of Emperor Jiajing's reign)and rebuilt into the present shape in 1752(the 17th year of Emperor Qianlong's reign of the Qing Dynasty) 19.2 meters in height and 15.6 meters in diameter,the hall is a finely interlaced wooden structure with a blue tile roof crowned with a gilded sphere,looking elegant and majestic. It has a coffered ceiling with a bluish green design of a coiling gilded dragon playing with a pearl at the centre. It is indeed a masterpiece of ancient architecture of China.

Imperial Sedan was specially used by emperors to go for the ceremonies to worship heaven.It was 12 meters long,2.8 meters wide and 3.6 meters high, 36 strong bearers carried it with their shoulders.Inside it displayed such items as a tea table, a sword and a golden spittoon. It was believed to be the best among the imperial sedans. When emperors went to the temple of heaven from the forbidden city to worship heave, there were more than 10 groups of beareds, who got ready for caried the Sedan.Still there were thousands of people who accompanied the emperors to the temple of heaven for the ceremony.In such a way, The emperors got to the temple of heaven for the ceremonies to worship heaven.

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