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Advance aspects

Here we take a look at some more complicated points.

1.Change of meaning

Some verbs can be followed by both structures. In some cases,
the meaning changes depending on the structure used. With
remember and forget, we use the ing form to talk about
something that happened in the past and the infinitive to talk
about with one had/had to do. With regret, the ing from also
refers to the past, while the infinitive is mainly used to express
that youre sorry about youre about to say

♥ I remember sending that letter. (past event)
♥ Please remember to send the letter. (obligation)
♥ Ill never forget losing all my money in the crash. (past)
♥ We mustnt forget to book a table for four. (obligation)
♥ Ill always regret turning down his offer. (past)
♥ We regret to inform you that your flight is cancelled. (sorry)

There is also a change in meaning after try and go on:

♥ You must try to be more careful in future. (=make an effort)
♥ Have you tried turning the knob the other way? (=do something
to see what happens)
♥ I will probably go on working after retirement. (= continue
doing something)
♥ She left the company and went on to work for an NGO.
(=do something different)

2.Different subjects
In the example sentences so far, the infinitive/-ing form does
not have its own subject (or the subject of the infinitive/-ing
form is identical with the subject of the preceding verb). In
many cases the rule for which structure to use is the same when
the infinitive/-ing form has its own subject. Some examples:

♥ I would like to work for the UN.
♥ I would like him to work for me

Other examples with to + infinitive: advise. ask, enable,
expect, force, help, invite, order, persuade, remind, teach,
tell, want, warn

♥ Can you imagine joining the army?
♥ I cant imagine Jim joining the army.

Other examples with -ing : appreciate, like, see. understand

Sometimes, however the structure changes when the subject does:

♥ Do they alow/ permit smoking in here?
♥ He wont allow/permit anyone to smoke.
♥ Our boss doesnt encourage working overtime.
♥ Diana encouraged me to work less


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