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Electrical safety tips during rainy season

Do not take shelter under isolated trees, isolated huts and tents. If no shelter is nearby, find a low level spot away from trees, power lines, poles and metal fences. Stay away from water or water logged areas. Do not use electrical appliances and phones during lightning or thunder
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Safety precautions during rainy season

Bring Rain Gear

An umbrella, a hooded raincoat and water resistant footwear are the specified equipment for those wet days, mainly in case you often journey with the aid of using foot. 

Safety Precautions During Rainy Season


As much of a laugh as it's far for the youngsters to be out of doors and having a laugh with wet day activities, it’s additionally similarly crucial to ensure you decrease the possibilities of them getting soaked while stuck in a downpour.


Those in immunosuppressed groups, along with children, can also additionally capture a chilly after being uncovered to the cool breeze that frequently accompanies rain showers. If stuck unprepared, step into your nearest grocery store or mini mart – they're typically stocked with a primary rain device along with the Bangkok monsoon staple of brightly colored rain ponchos! 

In short, bringing rain gear is one of safety precautions during rainy season.

Take a shower after getting drenched

We can possibly get sick with various coughs, colds and even the flu after being caught in the rain. So, taking a shower with warm water subsequently helps stabilise the cold temperature and helps the body return to a normal temperature.

Don’t forget to dry your hair. Sitting around with wet hair, especially if inside an air conditioned room can lead to a head cold. Alos, you should drink a  cup of warm water to heat you up.

Don’t Skip These Safety Precautions During Rainy Season

Drink Water from Reliable Sources

We are susceptible to some diseases during the monsoon, especially water-borne diarrheal diseases. So, be aware of potentially contaminated sources. To stay safe and healthy, you should  consume your own boiled or purified drinking water. 


Keep Hands Clean

Symptoms of the common cold and other viruses can increase during the rainy season. To stay safe, wash your hands frequently and always carry hand sanitizer when you go out. Also, make it a habit to wash your hands and feet when going home, especially after exposure to rain or floodwater.

If your hands are dirty, don’t touch food or your face or else germs will spread out. 

Track weather forecast

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast is one of the best safety precautions during rainy season. It helps you to make good preparation for upcoming activities and events such as switching all electrical equipment before going to work, bringing an umbrella, taking your kids to school before a big storm and having your child stay at school if the local river floods.

Best Safety Precautions During Rainy Season


Do not participate in any activity that could put your life in danger. Weather forecasting can inform people in flood prone areas to move to higher ground. Pay attention to these. Don't try to handle any situation that goes beyond you during the storm.


In any emergency, call for help and don't put your life or others at risk. Stay in touch with key emergency services such as ambulances, police, fire brigades, and local civil defense.



You may have gotten away with disregarding these safety precautions during rainy season, but that is not always the case. It's possible that the next time will be fatal. Please pay attention to the safety precautions. This could potentially save your life as well as the lives of others. Please be cautious during this rainy season.


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