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What part of the world gets the most snow

The reason behind the huge amount of snowfall found in Aomori lies in its cold winter weather and especially the geographical
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First, let’s talk about the weather and climate in Aomori City. Well, this coastal city has a cold, humid continental climate, characterized by long and cold winters while its summers are always short and warm. Of course, speaking of Aomori’s weather and climate, it’s gonna a big mistake if we don’t mention its extremely heavy snowfall during winters.

Three months of December, January, and February always see the highest amount of snowfall. It is also the period when Aomori City has the most snow days. January is also the coldest month there, while the hottest month in Aomori is August. 

Along with snowfall, Aomori City also has rainfall that only occurs in summer weather. August and September are considered the wettest month here. 

About its geographical location, Aomori City is nestled between the shores of Mutsu Bay and the Hakkoda Mountains. That is considered one of the biggest reasons causing this place to receive a lot of snowfall during winters.

Aomori is a famous tourist destination. In winters, people come to this place to visit ski resorts

Other interesting things to know about Aomori

Other than the particularly heavy snow in Aomori City, this place has a lot of interesting things to know. Following are a few of them:

  • Amori is well-known around the world for its production of sake, seafood, and apples. Do you know that Aomori is considered the apple capital of Japan?

  • Aomori is a famous tourist destination. In winters, people come to this place to visit ski resorts. 

  • Aomori is also home to many castles and temples, making it an attractive destination for visitors.

  • On heavily snowy days, Aomori City is so deeply covered that thick snow stands several meters high.


Here’s the city with the highest amount of snowfall in the world

There is a small city in Asia that is widely known as the place with the highest amount of snow in the world. Every year, it’s reported receiving hundreds of centimeters of snowfall on average. Do you want to know exactly where this place is and explore some of the most fascinating facts about it? If that’s the case, why don’t you spend a few minutes reading this post? There is a lot of interesting information waiting for you to check out here. Here you go!

Every year, this place receives hundreds of centimeters of snowfall on average

Where is this unique place?

This place is in Japan. Its name is Aomori City - the capital city of Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan. Annually, this coastal city receives an enormous amount of snowfall of about nearly 800 centimeters of snowfall on average. Both and AccuWeather give Aomori the very first spot on their lists of snowiest cities in the world, while CNN Travel also calls it one of the snowiest major cities on the planet. Let’s jump to the next part of this article to learn about the climate and weather there as well as the main reason behind its extraordinary amount of snowfall. 

Aomori City is the capital city of Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan

Wrapping up

These are all about Aomori City in Japan, the place is widely recognized as one of the places with the highest amount of snowfall in the world. As you can see, it is a really unique place, right? And that’s all for now. Hope you liked this post and found all the information above useful and interesting.



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