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What is the climate at the equator - The seasons

There’s an important fact to know here is that the relative position of the Equator to the sun barely changes through the year. That's why the concept of seasons, in fact, has less meaning at the latitude of 0 degrees.
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Near and right on the equator, there's never significant temperature change all year round, though there may be big differences in rainfall and humidity. 

Also, the terms of 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, do not apply there. The most noticeable division in season in equatorial places is just between wet and dry, never between hot and cold. 

What is the climate at the equator: Winter can’t be found there

Temperature, precipitation, and others

In equatorial lowlands that have an equatorial climate, the average temperatures are 31 degrees Celsius during the afternoon and 23 degrees Celsius around sunrise. The amount of rainfall here is also so high from 2,500 to up to 3,500 millimeters per year. Each year, there are up to 200 rainy days in these areas while the average annual sunshine hours are also really high - 2,000 hours. 

In spite of high sea level temperatures year-round, places with very high altitudes like the Andes and Mt. Kilimanjaro, wow, have glaciers.

Snow can be also found there, at the highest point on the Earth's equator with an elevation of 4,690 meters. It is situated on Volcán Cayambe's southern slopes (Ecuador). This is the only snowy point on the equator - an exception to the usually humid, hot equatorial climate.

What is the climate at the equator? Here are basic things to know!

By definition, the equator's latitude is at 0 degrees. It divides the planet into 2 halves, a Southern Hemisphere and a Northern Hemisphere. Have you wondered about what is the climate at the equator? Is it the hottest place in the world? Or how many seasons are there in equatorial areas? If these are questions that you are looking for answers, read along and then you'll find many interesting facts about climate and weather at the equator.

By definition, the equator's latitude is at 0 degrees.

Types of climate in equatorial areas

The equator receives a lot of direct sunlight year-round, it’s no surprise it is hot the whole year no matter the calendar month. Also, winter doesn't exist in equatorial regions. So, what is the climate at the equator? 

Regions near the Earth's equator generally tend toward the tropical. But in fact, there is not just only climate type found there. 

Lowlands around the equator typically have a tropical rainforest climate (or also known as an equatorial climate). This climate type is characterized by hot average temperature year-round and high monthly rainfall - so warm and humid.

Besides, some equatorial regions also see tropical monsoon climates due to cold ocean currents. Most interestingly, an arid climate is also found there, in Greater Somalia, notwithstanding its equatorial  

There’s a lot of rainfall in equatorial areas


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