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กวางเจาเทรดแฟร์ เมษายน 2010 วันที่3

Canton Fair Day 3 - Apr 2010
Apr 19, 2010 Mon

Second day to attend Canton Fair. We late again since last night we moved to Nong Fai Condo around PanYu area and went to sleep about 4 am. (Waited for picking up around 11 pm.)

The Subway fees from Xia Jiao to Pazhou still 4 RMB.

Today was the last day of Canton Fair 1st session. We arrived at Pazhou around 1 PM. I was very surprised that they all were packing their display stuffs. So I had to run to booth that I had an eyes for stuffs that I wanted to buy back home. Too late they were all gone! My WheathGrass Juicer(machine) and Food/Fruit dehydrator. I hadn't asked for the price of the wheathGrass but the dehydrator was only 200RMB. Around 4 PM. , there were nothing to see so we decide to go to Beijing Lu again since last night we hadn't shopped.

To Beijing Lu: Subway to exit : Gong Yuan Quian : Fee from Pazhou = 5 RMB.

I was at Uniqlo shop for almost 2 1/2 hrs. and got lost with my friends so I decided to go back to condo by myself since I didn't buy the mobile phone sim card. Didn't panic at all. Before I went back, I decided to have dinner at "Cafe De Coral" @ Tee Mall ( on the left side of Beijing Lu). This mall was easy to find cuz it had the big display of LED monitor in front of the building. It is very bbbbiiiiggggg!. Cafe de coral is the franchise fro Hong Kong. I had Wonton Noodle = called in Chinese = Yun2 tun2 mian4, my favorite!. I also ordered "Kai Lan"= Chinese Kale with oyster sauce. (See pictures :D)

After dinner, I had to hurry back to condo via subway! Around 10:30 pm. , it was very crowded. Really had a great time in China. Good Night!


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