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กวางเจาเทรดแฟร์ เมษายน 2010 วันที่1

Canton Fair (Guangzhou Trade Fair) Apr - May , 10
Day 1: Apr 17, 10

BKK-Guangzhou (CAN)

This time I flied AirAsia directly to Guangzhou airport (CAN). Plane landed not very late compare to another flight to Shenzhen so we catched Airport shuttle(#6A to Citic Center) to the city for just 20 Yuan per person comparing to 200Yuan as offered by Taxi at the airport ( from what I searched for taxi from airport to city should be around 100 Yuan ).

It was raining when shuttle bus dropped us off not at Citic Center but around "Tian He Da sha"(2nd from the last-Citic center). They told us they wouldn't go to citic after 10pm.! OMG

So we had to take taxi, and the taxi around that area wouldn't used their Meter! We told them to goto East Railway which i knew it was that far from that place they asked for 20 Yuan! Then taxi just drove about 5 mins/around 2-3 turn and send us to the hotel. What a hectic!

Checking into ShanShui Trendy Hotel @ East Railway wasn't that long. Room was quite clean. Clean enought for my standard.

Around East railway I saw 2 7-11, KFC, KungFu and 2 more restaurants.

We all tried to wrap up day by eating instant noodle bought from 7-11 and taking a bath and goto sleep prepare for tomorrow.


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