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กวางเจาเทรดแฟร์ เมษายน 2010 วันที่2

Canton Fair - Day 2 (@day-Pazhou)
Apr 18, 10 Sun


Since last night we went to bed so late, we woke up a bit late, about 8 am. Having breakfast around the hotel after checked back and forth between "KungFu"(chinese food chain restaurant), KFC and 3 more restaurants. Finally we chose "KungFu" which tasted quite good after long hungry night. Then took subway to "Pazhou" where "Canton Fair" was.

From Line 1(3)(Guangzhou Dong Zhan station) we had to change train at Tiyuxi station to actual line 3(orange) then change again at Kecun station(line 2-blue) to Pazhou station. Fee was 4RMB./way.

At Pazhou station, exit A to Canton Fair site. First we had to go to registration office to register and got Badge(name tag). We tried to get the directory from reception counter. It was a "must" that you got the directory first so you could decide which building to go or you want to go.

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