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Yoga and me!

Is that the name of a yoga place or something?

Since I'm taking a week off and staying at home, I've decided to join my mom to a yoga class. She's been going to the class everyday after she retired from work.

Yes, she's over 60.


Don't ask!!!

It's fun!! It's actually a good way to start your day.
(The class starts at 9:30am and, if you know me, I usually start my day-off wayyyy after that...)

I kind of like the idea of doing exercise in the morning. It means you can live as unhealthy as you want during the day. You did the exercise. You've earned it!

[This is what I'm actually doing. Finish lunch early, Download some TV episodes, and lie down in the afternoon waiting patiently for dinner]

Come back to the yoga class

It's a normal yoga (not hot yoga, not yoga fly, etc.). In a room with no A/C.
So, for me, this is probably the hottest yoga I've been.

I think I lost like 10 kg from sweating only.
(No, tragically, that's not true.)

To be honest, my mom is much better than me in yoga-ing
(yoga? yoga-ing? yoga-ness? yoga-ification?).
Which is probably reasonable since she's been doing this for almost a year.
And I've been living my unhealthy life for almost XX years (still not going to say it :p).

Anyway....I intend to do this again tomorrow, and the day after that, and probably everyday until my arms and legs fall apart.

Wish me luck!

[btw, someone just asked me if I want to do yoga fly.
Should it be maximum weight constraint for that?
What will happen if the rope gave up on me and I broke my neck or something?]


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