To share my daily life events & information. This blog is written in English because I want to practice my writing skill.It will be a lot of mistaken words and sentence structure.I'm sorry and thank you for your visiting.
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                                                      Foofy and Mellow
Foofy,a three months old yellow furry mouse,lives in a blue cage with his girlfriend Mellow. They were bought from a little dirty pet shop in Chatuchak pet market. They are very different from each other. Foofy has short straight yellow hair but Mellow has long furry brown hair. Their characters are also very different. Foofy is so easy to be scared if he hears or sees anything move,he will run as quick as he can back into his house but Mellow will try to figure it out first,raise her head up and try to catch smell. If it was me, she would stay at the same place.They love to eat fresh vegetables especially lentils,carrot and grass.I feed them twice a day,in the morning and evening.I also feed them with SmartHeart Rodent food which makes Mellow urinated in white color.I think it is not a good sign for my pets so i will change their diets as soon as possible.

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