To share my daily life events & information. This blog is written in English because I want to practice my writing skill.It will be a lot of mistaken words and sentence structure.I'm sorry and thank you for your visiting.
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HI. This is Or.
Today i went to future Park Rangsit to learn English. I'm a student of Wall Street english school. My center is in Rangsit. I visit there three times a week to practice speaking at the speaking center,sometime I do an encounter class,a complementary class or social club. I think my english skill are continuously improving.

I tested the new KFC menu called Chizza which is combination between fried chicken and pizza,so delicious. I had three of it. It made my day. So good KFC. 

I got Harry Potter book,the first episode from the Asia Book store. Actually, i tried to buy it from the shop last week but the staff said there was no stock of that book left. So i had to register my name with the staff so if the books arrive at that shop, i will not miss it. Then Yes I got it. 

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