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Craters of the Moon ѹ

ѹЪǹ Craters of the Moon ѹ ҧҡҹԩѹҳ 7 .. اῧ͡Ҩо˹ ҡ֡Ѻö蹡Թѹ.. ФԴҤ͹ԷѺöͧ͡͡ѹ..ͤاῧ仵 ԩѹҨо ..ҡǧͧ꺻Ҫ仴 ѵ令 աҧdzѹµͪ 仴 ˭ 鹴Թdz鹡͹Ѻմ¤..ҹաͷö (ҩҹͧ꺨ѧ) ǡͺ Թ ٻ ҡѡ..ѹ͹ ¡ Thermal Ҩҡ鹴Թ 蹵 Դ˹ 繡蹡жѹФ.. Թ Թ ҵǹ鹡´¤.. ٻ´..

Today, I would like to take you guys to the Craters of the Moon. It is about 7 kilometres from my house. Its not too far, is it? My husband surprised me by taking me there. I thought he was just driving me around the suburb as usual. I got it when he turned the car to that way. I was worried about my little dog Peppy because she could not go with us. Because that area was too dangerous for animals walking. The ground was very hot from the thermal steam coming out from a lot of small and big craters. So she just waited in the car for one hour while we been away. What a poor girl she is!!! Anyway, lets have a look at some pictures.


It's about 2 kilometers from the main street.

ҧẺ (Ǻ )¡Ѻ¡͹..Ƿ˹ѹ

You are here.

ٺҡͺ ǹ

you can look around that area...


Someone take a tour.


Another area...

ա (ҧẺͧͧ˹..ª͡..)

one more ...

º͡ҧ仴Ź͹...͹ٻ Ź͹ʹش ش..
͵ŧ¤.. ѹ´..

How can I get to the Mud Crater? ...

ͧաҡ˹觵͹躹Թ һ仴˹..
ǫŹͺ˹觻 ѧ١..
ѹҧ (ԧ ҧءѹ) ѡѹ.. Ѻö˹觪 ͧ ֧..

There is a lot of snow on the mountains. I wish to be there one day.

شش µ͹ ѹçоѴѹҡҧҧ
ѹ´ ¶ѹеç..͡ҡٴ͹ѹ..(ǹ )

It was a good view on top of the hill to take pictures.


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at Huka falls

Huka falls ҹͧ ͹仾ʹкҹ褹·ѡѹ͹ Peppy Թ蹷 spa park ҹҧ Huka falls ʹ зѡ ѡҹ
Ό˹ ͹Ѻѧ㨴ԡ Сٴ ١Сٴ 㺡 Ҵ¤
ѧҡͧº ҡ (...״͹) ͹͡ҡҹٿʺdz鹡͹ǡѹ

ԹԺҷըҡҹǡСѹ ֧Ǥ

ҡ繻º͡ ֧Ǩѧ



ٻ ˹Сѹ

ҡ繼餹׹оҹ ͺ¤Ҵ仡͹


͹׹躹оҹʹ繹ѡͧ躹 jet boat ¡ѵ˹

ӷҡ ҡا෾ ҹẺѧ¤

ҧ繵ǻҧҡ (л)

ͧ仢ҧ 繻º͡ѺѡͧǷͺաٻẺ˹觤


Ἱ͡˹ Ẻ׹ꤷ٤

ѧࡵصçش spa park çФ park Ǻҹԩѹ ԩѹѺΌ plan ѹ ѡѹ Թҡѹҷ Huka falls ա˹ ѹշҧԹ Waikato Ҥ Թҧҳ 45 ҷ It's very good for exercise na kha....


ҧԹẺФ ç繷ҧԹҡ Huka falls 价ҧ spa park мҹ شἹ

ѧҡԹӵ ٻ ͼ餹ҡ ҡԹҧѺѹ ͹Ѻʹվ褹· Һ͡աꡤ Basil ҹǹ ҧ仢ҹ Asian ( Ш仢Ы!!) 繾Һ͡ҧ鹹Ф ͹ҡТöѺ仵 Basil Ǥ

ʧ¨繷ҧ ͧǡѹ

ѧԭҷʹö ͧҶ蹵 ǵ⡹ "come over" Ό͡ "We are looking for Basil" ҡ͡ have a look!!! ٻҶǡѹ
ҵ ͹ ҡѵ繤 ¡ 繫ҡѹФ Ό͡

Basil һӡѹ

ѧ䧡 µѴԹ㨡ѹöաҧ һҴա

͹ѹ ͹ Mint Ҵ ͹ Mint ҹ

! ͧСѹ

ػǤѹҡ Basil ͡ѹ Mint ᷹ (ԴҹФ) Ҩ褹Ҿǡѹ ѧԭѹոзҴ
ѹ稺 Day trip ҹФ


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