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Galactic Civilization II: Twilight of the Armor

Galactic Civilization II: Twilight of the Armor is so far the best turn-based space strategy game I have ever played. It supersedes Master of Orion II both in terms of addictability and depth, not to mention its superb graphic and sound effect. Just like MOO2, the game was quite a bit boring at first with mouse clicking just to get to another turn. But once things get going, nothing can stop the fun. And it got me hooked up for three consecutive days just to complete a single simple scenario. Like other games in its genre, technology plays a greater part in this game, but technology alone is not the answer to everything. There are other factors which have to be taken into consideration such as sphere of influence, economic balance and population happiness.

It’s quite a heart breaking event to see the planet that I have painstakingly built fallen into the enemy hands without firing a single shot. Point is once your enemies' sphere of influence gets far too strong, your planet can switch side and become one of their dominions. So if you don’t want that to happen, don’t forget to build facilities that boost up your influence. In terms of economic mechanism, ships are quite expensive to maintain, especially the ones fully equipped with state of the art technologies. And this, of course, forces you to balance between crappy ships and ships of the line. However, as for me, I prefer not to build any of these junks because it’s a waste of time and money as crappy ships can easily get destroyed in battle. So instead I decided to have a small fleet of well-armed and well-equipped medium-sized long-range cruisers to deal with any hot spots in my domain. And as it turned out, this tactic worked out pretty smoothly and brought me a major victory in this simple scenario.

Regarding the popularity rating, just bear in mind that your people can elect other parties into power other than your own. And when that happens, some serious penalties will be applied. So you must do everything possible to keep them happy such as lowering the tax rate or building some morale boasting facilities. And this is one of the main reasons why you cannot have an armada of dreadnoughts to beat the hell out of your enemies in this game. It’s just unaffordable without sacrificing the population happiness which, in turn, can topple the government and bring empire into chaos. Lastly, beware of spies. It’s a pain in the ass as it can cause a serious disruption of your income. So watch out for them and use counter-intelligence to rid them off your major facilities, otherwise the damage will be beyond repair. All in all, I give this game a ten out of ten. Really love it.


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Strategic Command: European Theater

Despite its lack of cutting edge graphic and cool music, Strategic Command is one of the best turn based war games I have ever played. The game looks a lot like SSI's Clash of Steel back in 1993. Just can't imagine that I would find this kind of God forsaken games in the 21'st century. The interface is quite simple, and it takes only about an hour to learn how to play the game, so the rest is just plain fun. The game comes with a campaign editor to let you create your own campaigns, and this adds to the replayability of the game.

The war in Europe was never that easy as one might think.

The War in Russia took most of the time in this game, and it is quite a challenge even at the beginner level. Partisans and Scorched Earth are not only adding up to the challenge, but also making the game more realistic. And now, I know how Hitler's generals feel when they are facing with an endless resource of the Soviet Union. So it's quite satisfying when I beat them up in the end. As for the British Isles, it proves to be an impregnable fortress as in the real war. The combined strength of the Royal and the US Navy is just too strong for my puny Kriegsmarine. All in all, this game is a must have for all hardcore strategy gamers. Expect to spend hundreds of hours with it.

Especially when you have to cope with the tenacity of the Red Army.


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