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Value Chain ของ Porter

Value chain analysis has two activities to manage the company. First is primary activity which is important for doing one of the businesses and second is support activity that can make primary activity to be more success. The activity within the organization that adds value to the service and product will run into the optimum level to gain the competitive advantage and useful to separate business system into the value generating activity.

Primary activity will help to create value and analysis on the activity which including
1. Inbound logistic which refers to goods, raw material and warehousing that obtained from organization for ready to be used for producing the product.
2. Operation is the raw materials and goods that obtain to the manufacture and produce raw material into products.
3. Outbound logistic is the one of the product activity from manufacture to be ready for distribution, wholesalers, retailer or even customer.
4. Marketing and sale is the company ready for the target groups and marketing mix such as price, place, and promotion will be effective to making communicate with customer.
5. Service is after the product or service been complete from customer then the organization will offer on after sell service as repair, guarantees, warranties and products training.
6. Margin: what the company make profit

The support activity will assist the primary activity and helping the organization to achieve the competitive advantage which including
1. Firm Infrastructures is helping the organization work on corporate system, account, finance, management system.
2. Human Resource Management is the organization picks up employee, hiring, give income, and training to the person who works on the organization to be succeeds.
3. Technology Development is used for obtain innovation, development marketing or technology for the organization. In the technology can be used in production to reduce on the cost of products and develop new products.
4. Procurement is the part of raw material to be department on input, transportation which will make the best price for organization

This value chain analysis model is one of the best to practice and analysis on the process that can make cost and added value. The value chain will work together for making effectively and efficiently to help organization gain a competitive advantage. After using this model for provides on a framework then can learn on five forces Competitive Analysis (competitive rivalry, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customer, threat of new entrant, and threat of substitute) for practice on business to make business more clear and will find where opportunity and threat will happen on the company. The middle size and large size of company mostly use the value chain to creating the company to get high benefit which is including profit. For example: in airline industry that use on both primary activity and support activity are.
Inbound logistic on the airline industry is finding route selection on what continent will take fight (Asia, Australia, or America continent), fuel calculation (how many of fuel will cost and how much will use for fly from Bangkok to Dubai or Hong Kong), and crew planning and assignment.
Operation is the ticket flight (the customer will take to airline office or agents to purchase the ticket or tours), ground handling patching (passenger, luggage, mail and air craft), flight operation, service on broad, and security check.
Outbound logistic is transfer (when customer fly from USA to Bangkok with ANA airline or Emirate airline and airline make on transfer position for let customer see airline country as ANA airline stop at Japan and Emirate airline stop at Dubai/U.A.E. before come to Bangkok) and maintenance
Marketing and sale is the airline company will make promotion to customer and want customer to visit the country that open new route or most people want to visit (Emirate airline make promotion on flying to Dubai with low cost during June 10 to July 5, 2009 and the airline give the opportunity for family who have kids who is under 16 years to fly, eat, play for free), pricing of flying from Bangkok to Dubai and the Emirate airline will make 35% off during the special period), frequency flyer program, e-ticket, route planning
Service is the important part for business because if the airline don’t make customer satisfy on service then other time they will not use again or not tell other person. Luggage also one of service in the airline when people load the luggage makes sure that is not damage or lost it. If the customer buy ticket/tour from agents and the agents should ask them about the service on airline or tour this also call after sell service and lounge is one of the special service for person who are frequency flyer or business/first class and this will make customer decide when they want to travel.
Firm infrastructure is the system on the airline which financial system, accounting system and management system.
Human resource management is person who will respond on the airline such as personal recruit, pilot and crewing, security training, luggage patching training, sale training and in flight training.
Technology development will be on reservation system that will make customer easier when they are check in, customer relationship management system, fly net which is internet on broad and product development (on foods and beverages or flight sit).
Procurement is the important part on support activity which is fleet, fuel, information and communication technology.
This subject will go to the large company who want to be save cost when they think which person who will get employ from the business such as insurance, airline industry, hospital, the department store, organization and university.
In this subject will take a part of the strategic management that have five element including direction setting, environment scanning, strategic formulation, and strategic implementation and evaluate and control. The value chain analysis is a part of environment scanning element on internal analysis on what business will do and how the organization will make customer satisfy. Customer will recall or communicate with other person to use the products or service.


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