London Lake House Premier

19 June 06

the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square

˹ѧԴ¨ԧѧѹ 23
ѴͺŪ ѹ 19

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ҹ ١ͺٻ СѧТö

" ҡٻ¡ѹ
稧ҹ ѧҴѡ¡ѹաС..."

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ҷҧ ᫹ ͧҹ
ѹ觺͡ ˴

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ͺҧҴ ¹

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٧ ǹس˹ѧ ٹԡ

Ҫվ 繴˹ѧ ʺ

觴ҧǡ ¡


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Ƿ LA : The Lake House

The Lake House Դͺȹ
(Ҫ ѧش ˹ջ;)

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ͧҹ ׹ٻѹ ٷչ ѺԵտ
ҹ ʡ
Ҵ 繽͡ͼ ͧɳ˹ѧ
ҡ͡ ҹ觵ҵʺ
ҡ˹ѧѡ˧ չٴҴǡ鹧

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ѧ ѧ ҡ¹

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ʧŪʺ ᴧ


ԧͧ "" ""

ҹ 㨵ͧ


ԵҤ ᡾֡

ҷӹͧ ҹ
ҡշҧ͡աҡ ҹ

ͧ 礧պҧ
ѧҡ͡ѡҡ Constantine



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ѧ ҹ鹵仨 ???? áѹ ????

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͹ ˹ѧͧ˹ҹ蹨͡ ҡ᷺͡ʷͧǡѺ

ǹ 觷Һ͡
ѧҡ Scanner Darkly ͡ ѹ¹

кǹ÷˹ѧͧ˹ҧӡ ͹
ͧҡ ʹԺͧ͹
ШѴ ѧյҧзաѡѡ˹觴 ʴ


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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Q: ѡ˹ѧͧǹΌҫҡ¹, ҹ㹰ҹзس繼ջʺóͧẺҡ͹ س᫹ҤԴҧ èʹ͡˹

K:¤س ᫹?

S: ԧ, ͹á鹡Դҡ ǡҨз͡ҧẺ褹ҷӡѹФ Ҿͧ֡ ѹҨʹҡҷ ǹзҹ٪ª ¡Ѻҹº


S: 鹹繤ͺԴͧԧѧ˵繼 ҹٹ ҡǡѺͧΌҫẺ ͹褹֧֡çҧâͧͧ ҹҶ֧ѹҧ֧ ѹªШԧ դҹ


K: , ҡյẺ ǼҴ Թ˹ѧҡ

S:鹵ͧ٤ ͹鹨еŧ㨷ӧҹ 鹡ͧⷹͧѹ͹Ҩ͡һҳ˹ ͧ˹ѧͧ͡ҧ͵Ҵ ѧ鹡ͧ١͹ 觷鹤Դ Ǿʹ ѹẺԴ 鹡ѹ ͹Ҩҧѹ

Q:Фâͧǡس Դ͡ѹ¨ ѧѺഷҧԹ¹ ѹͷҨŧѡ¾Ǩԧѧҡ͹

K:õѡ Ѻդѹѹ ѹͧѹФѺ ѹԴ ѹ鹡Ѻ鹰ҹԵ㨢ͧФҡ

S: ¹ѡҧҡ¼ҹԹ§Ҥسͧѵ͡ѹҹ Ǫͧöѡ·¾Ǩԧͧ͡ 鹾ٴ֧Ǫͧ͹ҧТҧš Ч µͧ͹ѡ

Q:س֧ͧҹ仹ҹѡҨСѺ蹴¡ѹա سҤͧͧʻմǹ

S:䧤ҹ سԹ ҹФ ѹҴ ͺ 褹йӴ駹 "ͧ鹹 ҹ ͷԺ͵ ѹ" سҪ "繵ѭͧ"

Q:"The Lake House"͹˹ѧԤẺԤ س˹ѧѡͺش

S:դ "Cinema Paradiso" ͧ ѹ繤ѡҺҡ ǡѺ ѡ ͺ Ե Фҡ е͹ Ҫ鹨дѹͺ ѹ鹨 ֧ء觷ءҧªͺ ѹͤѡժԵ

K:"Cinema Paradiso"Ӽͧ͹ѹ ͹ѹ ˹ѧѡԤ¹

Q:ҹ سѧǧ

K:Ѻ ԡ "͡ʵ"ͧѹ件֧شö蹴¡ѹա ѧһբͧǡҡ觷ͺ ǹաǧ˹ "຤" Ҽ Ҩ͡ѹ µͧԡ

Q:äͧҹ仢ͧس ҹ ͧǡѺ Johnny Stompanato

K:ҡҡͧ鹹ФѺ ѹ ͧѹǹФѺ ʹҡ ѧҧҹ令 "A Scanner Darkly"ѧ͡µ


"ѧҧҹ令 "

ѹ 鹩Ѻ ҡҹ

In person, you couldn't find two actors more diametrically opposed than Reeves and Bullock. He's quiet and watchful, she's bubbly and talkative. Sit them down together for an interview, and she happily fields most of the questions while he looks relieved to be able to keep his thoughts to himself.

Q. There's a strong fantasy element to this love story. Keanu, as the sci-fi veteran, did you try and help Sandra out with that aspect of the story?

Reeves: Did I?

Bullock: Actually, I think that the less I thought about it and just reacted the way that anyone would react to such a bizarre situation, the easier it was. If you start to over-think it, it gets a little trickier.

Keanu did help me, though. He did actually try and help me through some stuff.

Reeves: I did?

Bullock: I'm a very logical person, and he has a very good way of barreling right into it. I like to dissect and circle around. He kind of dives into it more than I do.

Q. Did you both watch the original Korean film?

Reeves: No, I didn't want to see it beforehand. I'm probably going to watch it now because I hear that it's a great film.

Bullock: I saw it just before I signed on because I wanted to know what the tone was. I didn't want our movie to be goofy and commercial, so I watched the other movie for proof that it could be done. When I saw the tone was right, I thought, "I'd like to dive into this."

Q. Your characters communicate through a series of letters. It's a bit like Internet dating. Do you think you could ever fall in love without meeting someone?

Reeves: Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things. But, yeah, I can imagine that you could do that. I think that it depends on one's psychological state.

Bullock: You can learn a lot about a person over the Internet if you are both being honest. But I don't think that I could fall in love with someone without meeting them first. But that's me. I'm too much of a cynic and a hard head. But you could get to know them and be drawn to qualities about them, for sure.

Q. Why did you wait so long to re-team? You could have done "Speed 2" together.

Bullock: Yeah, Keanu. Did you hear that? He was smart. He had good people surrounding him at the time going, "Don't do it. Don't get on a boat going 10 knots, which looks like it's pretty much standing still." You never called to say, "Don't do it."

Q. "The Lake House" belongs to a tradition of classic Hollywood romances. Do you have a favorite love story?

Bullock: "Cinema Paradiso" because it's not just about romantic love. It's about a love of film, family, life and people that are gone.

By the end of that film, no matter how many times I see it, it reminds me why I fell in love with movies and music and architecture and all of that. It's about the love of life.

Reeves: "Cinema Paradiso" makes me cry, too. I don't know. A nice romantic book can be good, too.

Q. Keanu, do you still play in a band these days?

Reeves: No, I'm retired. The band that I played with for nine years -- Dogstar -- we kind of came to a place where we couldn't play music together anymore. But nine years is a good run. Then I played in this other band for about a year called Becky. Then, I kind of got in the band's way. They wanted to tour and do some things that I couldn't commit to.

Q. What's next for you, Keanu? Is it the project about Johnny Stompanato?

Reeves: We tried to have that happen, but it didn't work out. It's a long story. It's a fantastic script, but it didn't work out. I'm not sure what's next. I have "A Scanner Darkly" coming out.

Q. How about you, Sandra? You have a Harper Lee movie coming up soon, don't you?

Bullock: I like how you call it the Harper Lee movie. Thank you. It's mostly about Truman Capote. It's called "Premonition."

Q. Is it tough coming out in the wake of "Capote"?

Bullock: What is nice about both films is that they take a strong point of view on a certain time in his life and ask, "What really happened? Was every word true?" Our movie is based on George Plimpton's book, and it's also about Capote's associates and friends, the people that he burned.


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The Lake House ǹ ѹ

" ͧ ѹԤ"

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"ͺٴѺ ҹҡ ͺФþͧԴ鹡ѺǡԸշ¤Դҡ͹"

˹ѧѺ᫹ ա
" ÷ӧҹѺҹѹ¢鹤Ѻ ͧ թҡѹ ͧҷԵͧ"

" ÷µԴ͡ѹ繻 ҡѡѹ ѹ͹ѹṺ"

"ͺ͡繹 ҨСѺǹͷ¡"

ǡóշ ͧ騴
"ͺ֡㹡¹¤ èѹŧ㹡д ֡ ѹ зءͧѹ˹ҧͧѹ ѹ繡ʴ繶֧"

С ѡ 軡
ͧ ѧ ѡ ҹ


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In the Future: Sandra Bullock

Source: Heather Newgen June 4, 2006

ѹ The Lake House ͧҹӡͧԹµͺӶþѴ ᫹ ͧҹͧ͹ ʹ 觴١ Ҥҹ 觨Ѻ͹ҡ

;ԡҹ֡ յҤ¹
᫹ҡѧ «չ

As for her co-star, Reeves isn't quite sure what his next project is going to be, but Bullock had some advice for him when we asked about a Constantine sequel.

"I suggest you don't do that," she said sarcastically.

"What should I do?" asked Reeves.

Still bitter from doing Speed 2: Cruise Control and upset her pal didn't warn her not to do the sequel, she shot back, "I don't know, just as a friend I thought you shouldn't do a sequel, I'd call you or tell you. I think in the next 'Constantine' he gives up smoking. There's a whole anti-smoking campaign," Bullock laughed.

Reeves added, "It's kind of in the air. Maybe. I'd love to, but I don't know if the producers would want to do it... It's a long story. We've got to figure it out."



ҧջҹ ١ҹѧ
ʧ ح

͹᷹Թ ͧ 繨еͧºѺ ʻմ ͧ ç˹

ҡ John Constantine
Sexy Bitchy Lovely Smarty
and a little bit Crazy

ѹ ´᫹ µ´


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