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๏~*Sawasdee ka*~๏

I'm still waiting for visa to Australia
hope everything is ok!! I'm so nervous about it
cuase my Paul bear had an operation last Tuesday
Although I know he is ok but I still worry about him
it should be the best if I was there with him right now
but I can't cause of my study and my visa stuff...boo hoo

it's hurt'n'sad when someone who you're really love get sick
but him or her so far apart and you can't help them
like me although I send sms and ring him as much as I can
but it can't help me feel better untill I'm there to look after him

my mind is not here but my body is here
seems like crazy girl..I try to concentrate in my life
but it so hard for me...so hard
I walk and do many things with out my mind
Have you ever feel like me? I'm so confused
crying,sad and hope I can fly or close my eyes
then I was there although I can't help him that much

all this stuffs remind me how much I love him
he never let me down in other side he always pull me up
and teach me to be a big and strong girl
when I cry I always think about the way he talk to me
it make me smile and strong more and more
in your life you might have many guys come to your life
but how many guy can make you smile?
and How many guy always share and help you?
Thought I found best one...who I wait for long time

~~ he is everything in my life,I love him ~~

Song Title : When you love someone
Alabum Title : Ost Hope Floats
Artis : Bryan Adams


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๏~*Sawasdee ka*~๏

๏~*English Version...Click here*~

เป็นยังไงกันบ้างคะ? สบายกันดีไหมเอ่ย???
แล้วจะหยุดเขียนไม่ได้ตะหาก...ติด blog มากอะดิ
ช่วงนี้ทางเหนือก็อากาศน้าว หนาวจ้าๆๆๆ

ไม่ได้เจอกันประมาณ 4 เดือนได้ค่ะ..เศร้า
พี่ชายของหมีพอลที่ภูเก็ตสัก 3-4 คืน ไป พี พี ด้วย
และไปสมุย 3 คืน และซื้อ Day Trip ไปเกาะนางยวน



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You Rise Me Up Although We 're so far apart

You Rise Me Up Although We 're so far apart

I can't imagine how many Master Degree students
in Thailand used to feel stress like me?
Last Friday I was feel very bad about my situation
Although I keep trying and do everything to fix my Thesis
it was a nightmare and take such a long time to finish it

Paul Bear is not here and he has his own problems
My Mum worried about me cause I didn't have dinner
I was Stay in my room and didn't talk with anybody...
I just need someone to listening my problem
I wanted to scream and get out of this crap
cried like crazy and many question in my brain
"Why I'm not sucess in my life yet?"

Only one guy who I really want is my boyfriend
but we 're so far apart when I have problem
He has lots ofproblems.We fighted although we know
we should support each other " not fighting "
I was feel bad but nothing I can do just pray
for him and myself to get out of this situation

Finally when we 're cool down
we talk and discuss about everything
I feel better and strong more than I never do
I did cry and I don't know what to do
if I break up with Paul Bear who I really love
"Thanks" because you forgive me again and again
"Thanks" for your love which you giving to me

...Love you always Babe...



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~Let's Celebrate Our Love~

For The First Anniversary

Same day Last year was
the first time we met each other
It's hard to believe cuase we far from each other
and so many problem happened in last year
but now you being in my life for 1 year
...That's Great!!...
Honey you're the only one
who love and care about me
although I act like a child and silly
I don't know How to say
and what's the best words
to tell you"How much I love you"
Thank you for your love Baby!!

จากคนแปลกหน้าที่กลายมาเป็นคนรู้ใจ 1 ปีแล้วเหรอเนี่ยะๆๆ


Title Song : When I fall in love
Artis : Susan Wong
Alblum : A Night At The Movie


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~*- -*~mY PaUL BeaR Story Part II~*- -*~

Cool Slideshows

My Paul Bear stories Part II

Sawasdee Ka...

It was long time I didn't up date my blog
I'm still alive..Yeepee!!

I just finished my terrible thesis..boohoo..
Now I understand Why so many people said
"Doing Master Degree in Thailand
more difficult than others countries"
Beause no rule or limit
When students will be finish
it 's depend on our advisors

Sure!! this is My Paul Bear blog
it must be about his stories and his funny things
It's nearly one year Anniversary
that we met each other
I thought I might used his blog to tell him
How much I care about him

It's hard to keep long distance relationship
especially when someone who you love
far apart from you 7,000 miles
and you see each other just only 4 times a year
...Nobody's perfect as our relationship...
meanwhile I live in Thailand and he was there
We always keep in touch often as long as we can
When I tried to fix my thesis many things happened
I was depressed and serious about it
I was very mean to my Paul bear many times
but he always beside me and cheer up!!
It's make me relized
How lucky I am

I want to say"Thank you" to My Paul Bear
Thanks for great time that we were together
in Australia, Thailand and Vietnam
and I want to Thanks for his love
Which make me feel warm and strong
...Thanks for everthing he did for me...
And this is my second story of My Paul Bear



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