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...The Big Little Love...

Well, I don't know if today is a great day or anything that I found myself getting back here and write what's on my mind again after I disappeared from this space for a few years. Can't believe that my last blog was written two years ago, time runs faster than I ever thought. But this time my feeling has totally changed, due to everything in my life has changed too, I've been living in the US for 8 months now, I'm happy here so far, living with the nice family, adorable kids, studying and absolutely, having good friends. I think those are the main important elements for keeping yourself alright, if those elements are fine, no matter where you are, you're happy at least.

Since I've been here, there are a lot of things happened to my life, both bad and good, but as I said, nothing gonna get me down now(not sure the day after tomorrow) because the main things above keep holding me up even though I am half world away from my country and my loving ones there.

And certainly, I'm not gonna pour any bad story down here for sure because I'm now in the "let's talk about love" group. If talk about love? There are many kinds of love that happened to me here, and I'll just pick one of them first, I can't write it all at a time because my night is limited.

Alright, the story I'm going to write down now might not the biggest or greatest story of all, but still a piece of love that keeps me smiling on my days. I'm living in the US as an exchange student, studying and working in the same time as a nanny, sure! I love children and sometimes children is what could make me crazy to craziest!!! haha. One of the girl I've been taking care of, the first two weeks I came here, I was so OHH! I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to handle this, sometimes I cry, sometimes I feel give up thinking maybe I'm not good enough for this. But here I am, USA, where I tried so hard just for a chance in my life to put my feet on it. Well, get back to my girl, I wasn't sure if she loves me, so just a little bit sad thinking about that. But time has passing by, day by day, month by month, and she's getting better with me a little bit more each day. She's mean? ohh yeah! but now I realize that it's just a kid's mean, she's just mean from her kid instinct, pure instinct! Nothing bad hidden, no bad plans and no devil thoughts. If I am guestioned that do I love her? Absolutely, I do. What I wrote down on my mind is "I love you just the way you are" keep saying this words on my head. One thing that I've learned from this, I've learned that everything grows with times and takes time to be better. If you want to grow flowers for someone, it would take awhile until it blooms and be ready to be sent to that person, and what you will finally found is "the Gift". Well, everything's now great with me and the girls, both the big one and little one, sometimes fun, sometimes tired and sometimes CRAZY! but that's what could colors my days.

Last week, when I got back from outside, the girl came hug me and gave me the sweet welcome words. Then she pulled out 1 dollar from her pocket and put in my hand, I told her to keep it for herself and I had no needs to spend it. She smiled back and told me that it's ok because it's her money, she said she has 5 dollars and she wanted to give 1 for me. I smiled back and gave her a hug.

When I got into my bedroom, I pulled that 1 dollar out of my pocket and smiled with my delightful heart!! And that's the gift I got from growing flowers.

1 dollar = LOVE

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Wow Watcha...NICE JOB!! I love it...


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