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Knowing Jay (Part 1)

Diary of an urban woman in Bangkok

What you are about to read here, it’s just a real life of a middle class urban woman. A single, attractive, as you look to, you might think she is somewhere hitting her 30, tall, light yellow skin tone with some touch of honey shade. But in fact, she just turned 39 years of age. She has been living in Bangkok for all of her life.

In her life, she feels like she has almost everything that she needs. Everything that her high paid salary can provide. But one thing missing in her life is love. True love from a guy, a dream to have complete family and a life that she chose for herself, but you know, I’m too busy picking the right one.

Well, all that mentioned above is me and me alone.

And one good thing about blogging, that I can be at any nasty level as I like, I don’t have to keep any secrets here as you are a reader.I am a 3rd person, unknown, in your life. So here I go, the stories of the guys and my lifestyle.

Candidate Number One

Heart is a complicate issue in your body. You can’t command it how to feel. But according to what the latest fortune teller my friend brought me to. The reading she had read to me is, I choose to love a person who I think he would fit me. In another word, I would love the person that I think he has the qualities I looked for. The one who is suitable to be my future husband.And that was him. Steward. (fake name)

Steward was someone I knew many years ago, superficially. He works in the company I used to work for, for many years back.

I was sent for a new hire training in KL, Malaysia. Back in old days, I almost hit 30 at that time. During the weeks of training and a trip to KL before, I was the only Thai who was well-known among folks working in KL offices. And also the ASEAN folks who joined the same training. I had made several good friends there.

And that’s when Stephen spotted me there. The popular Jay,fresh and (looked) young. While I never spotted or even recognized seeing him in KL office at all.

What I found after I came back to Thailand office, Steward,added me in MSN, chatted me to make me to believe that he worked in the same company and he was good friend to my good friend there.

Out of curiosity, I made friend with him. I talked whenever he started making conversation. But after a while, I felt something was not right. I stopped chatting him. Main reason was, I had started relationship with someone and it shouldn’t be right to bond up with someone who you knew he didn’texpect friendship from you.

That’s called Respect that you should provide to someone you are in relationship with. With or without acknowledgement from your boyfriend.

That was the innocentJay. Pure and sincere in her late twenties.

That was the end of my acquaintance to Steward in late twenties.

Fast forwarded to Jay in her 37. Broken and blue. Now she is sophisticated beautiful as she had blossomed in her age and career. She had just called off the wedding arrangement that was for her and the guy of her longest relationship.

The only cure for a broken heart is a new love. Jay walked though the list of guys in her Facebook friends.

And there he was, Steward.

“Steward can make the perfect choice for the remedy”, I thought.

I was looking someone to chat to. Someone who would fill in my imagination romantically. Someone to fantasize.

Why chat. I hopelessly hoped that my ex, Charles, would comeback one day. (after, I cut him off brutally??. Ridiculous Jay!!) So I just needed someone to kill time of loneliness.

Steward would not make it hard to fantasize about. He is in same age. Secured career, that means he is smart. He is a fair Chinese Malaysian who always take good care of himself. His face was not handsome but when combined with six pack-abs body. He was awesome.

I was in Bangkok and he was in KL.

That would make a good part-time romantic. Distance.Distance is what I wanted.

And that’s all started from there.

Nasty Steward who appeared to be bad ass but he was not that bad at all.

Strange world. People are in real-life masquerade to hide their true self. The masks they wear are sometimes just a wall to protect themselves from anyone who try to get in.

This is supposed short daily life. But since it’s started I couldn’t stop. So many details here and there. Hope my time would allow me to write regularly.

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ที่มา: http://th.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%B8%81%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%A5%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%A1%E0%B8%AA%E0%B8%B9%E0%B8%95%E0%B8%A3

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