Things be aware of when buying vape

Currently, you can easily purchase a vape from major mail order sites such as "Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo, and large volume retailers.

However, there is one thing to note. First of all, it is very dangerous to make a decision based on "price" alone. In particular, purchasing through online auctions or flea market apps is very dangerous.

There are fake vape products called clones. Many of these fakes are sold on online auctions and flea market apps. They may look the same, but you can't tell what's inside. Of course, if something happens, no one can guarantee you.

There was a time when fake liquid also became a hot topic. We don't know what is in the fake liquid (including no-brand liquid with unknown details), nor do we know under what conditions it was made.

The only way to avoid such dangers is to buy from a well-established vape store.

First of all, for beginners, we recommend purchasing from a "vape specialty store" or so-called "vape store". If there is no vape store near you, we also recommend an internet vape store. However, when using an Internet vape store, please choose a vape from trusted vape manufacturer.

Vape is harmless, but be careful where you smoke!

Vape is not a "cigarette. However, it does not mean that you can 'smoke anywhere' no matter how much vapor it is. First of all, non-smokers and non-vapers view vapes as "cigarettes.

Also, a vape with a large amount of smoke could be mistaken for something dangerous. In the current situation, it is preferable to use a smoking area as you do with cigarettes. In addition, some municipalities have established rules for vaping on the streets. Please enjoy vaping with good manners.


Vape does not contain any of the "harmful substances nicotine, tar, and oxygen monoxide" that are a concern with paper cigarettes.

However, if the product you use is not of reliable quality, or if you use it incorrectly, it may be harmful to your body. Therefore, it is important to purchase from a reliable source and to use it correctly.

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