Mali and family : Park, bicycle, busy city

Mali and family

Nowadays, people are living in rush and always competing to each other and time. Everyone tries to live well but not all happy.


Mali, 17 years old girl lives in a medium size house in a countryside, 2 hours away from the city. She has 3 brothers 15, 14 , 11  and 1 sister 10 years old. She is the biggest kid whom parents trusted to manage the house and taking care of younger kids when they go to work in the city.  Her parents own a bakery shop in the city. Mali and her siblings  work at the shop on weekends. They enjoy and fun with work, especially when parents give them money for what they have done each time.

Every Fridays night, Mali and younger kids will prepare everything ready for stay over at the family store in the city. They must finish their homework as well because it is the family condition, if not then stay home is a punishment. The children always take responsibility to finish their homework and earn money from the bakery owner (their parents) with joy.


They leave home about 7am and get to the store an hour before open and stay an hour after store close at 8pm. for cleaning. The parents are the best baker in the city. There are three employees rotating weekly schedule, two employees stand by in the store and one delivery using a motor bike.  On weekend, younger kids work in the shop with parents and Mali does delivery job. It is very fun and exciting.

The bakery shop is located at the intersection where is super busy during rush hours as morning, noon and evening. The sounds from the car engines, the honk, the bicycle bell, construction sites and etc, all around the area but seem not bother people. Fortunately, there is a huge public park in the area, the lung of the city where always full of people at all time. They do activities all day long in groups or alone. There are many trees and shady, also  the grills provided for set up picnics and the boats for rent at the big pond. Besides, the fountain spot is popular as well where the food venders settled in a huge gazebo.

Mali enjoys working in the city but she prefers living at the countryside as they are, no traffic, no loud sounds, no pollution.


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