How green can you go?

How green can you go?
Hey we're in US. Doesn't it seem out-of-place to be talking about saving environments? We take things for granted anyway.
Well,I guess not for long.
After seeing the electricity bill that could pay for several nice dinners, I started to recollect all these green ideas. Small or big, let's save environment one green idea at a time!

If I had money and of course a house, I would install a solar panel on my roofs. Although the initial investment seems daunting, you can get monetary support from the state. Most families not only avoid huge electricity bills but also produce energy and resell it to the state. Cool or what!
Since I don't have a house nor a solar panel, I've become yellowish green(?). Why not something you and me can do like grabbing a tote instead of a plastic bag.
San Francisco Municipals requires that all retailers provide paper bag as an alternative. I think it is a great initiate. However, news article shows that at the end of the day, producing a paper bag exhorts energy equally to destruction of a plastic bag. So the best way is to carry your own cloth bag and reuse it.

Let's save environment, one cloth bag at a time!


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