What Is ?
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun?

What is a noun? It's easier to show than explain--and this book is brimming with examples.
Author Brian Cleary and illustrator Jenya Promitsky creatively clarify the concept of nouns for young readers.
Nouns are printed in color for easy identification, and the playful rhymes and illustrations combine to highlight key words.

Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What Is an Adjective?

Simple, rhyming text and colorful cartoon cats help children expand their vocabularies and gain an appreciation for the rhythm of language in this lighthearted book of rhyming verse.
Adjectives like frilly, silly, polka-dotted, fizzy, and spunky are printed in color, and all the words will tickle you pink!

I and You and Don't Forget Who: What Is a Pronoun?

The latest addition to the best-selling Words Are CATegorical(tm) series, this fun-filled guide uses playful puns and humorous illustrations to creatively clarify the concept of pronouns.
Key pronouns appear in color for easy identification to show, not tell, readers what pronouns are all about.

Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is An Adverb?


Under, Over, by the Clover: What Is a Preposition?


To Root to Toot to Parachute: What Is a Verb (Words Are Categorical)


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