Berman's Bag
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JUST when you thought you didn't need
another bag, a new collaboration comes along to tempt those purse
strings: Sara Berman has
teamed up with Isabella Oliver 365 - the ready-to-wear line from maternitywear
label Isabella Oliver - to create a capsule collection of patent leather and
silk satin handbags.

"Vanessa and I both love our Sara
Berman bags so it felt right to do this collaboration with Sara and
Aimee," says co-founder of Isabella Oliver 365, Baukjen de Swaan Arons.
"From a commercial perspective, we wanted to add a few bags to our
collection as our customers often ask for this."

The first time Isabella Oliver has
branched out into bags, expect a series of practical tote, weekender and clutch
styles streaming with ruffles.

"Obviously our bags reflect our
clothing line and have a strong associated handwriting. The look is individual
and feminine with a splash of rock 'n' roll. Strong, structural shapes and
fabulous leathers are set off by the bold, feminine detailing. An unusual
combination which works together to create a new, fresh aesthetic,"
explains designer Sara Berman, who runs her eponymous fashion label with
business partner and sister, Aimee.

Prices from £160. Visit
// for further information.

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