สิงหาคม 2559
9 สิงหาคม 2559

GO plays Pokemon is not as dangerous to the health and well-being

GO plays Pokemon is not as dangerous to the health and well-being.

August 7 is the day that we found out that almost all enter the news feed in the lead Pokémon into town, then Thailand.
With the game previously played abroad. We learned that there are advantages and disadvantages of this game can be.

The risks of the JV game Pokemon thing.
1. There was no danger to the eye.
There are cases in which the risk of non-review of the games. Like other accidents across the street casually Cannonball Run car or walk off a cliff (Overseas)
Suspense glare screen Inattention blindness caused by carelessness or invisible .... dangerous times for us, but not dangerous.

2. Using the phone while driving
While this game is played with the feet. But abroad, there are some people who drive or bike slowly.
If you are on the phone while driving. It increases the risk of accidents to 12 times more than normal ...
I stared at the screen all the possibilities of an accident .... even more.

3. slip
It's a problem I had in Thailand. He noted Pokepost in our house has a lot of spirit.
Spirit of Thailand is located on high ground a bit. " When these tiles and is linked to the rainy season. A walk to a phone that does not mind the looks, the head fell on the ground.

3. Go to a place that is not public.
Pokemon Gym in international affairs, which appears frequently in the presence of many people.
People who are more like hospitals, schools, military camps.
Imagine that you went to Duem ๆ telephones to catch Pokémon will happen to choose to practice.
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  • 4. I believe that the villain is not entirely misleading.
    Foreign productions have been robbed in the desert ... and there are sure to be useful in Lure could Pokemon Pokemon pulled in a little 'remote and then robbed. (What I use Lumia cat not to play this game. I do not know what it is to draw in the game).

    5. Make sure there is no risk of unemployment.
    Both at work ... go fishing at work ... or just stay away from work until noon, then get behind.

    The risk is that E should be careful not to
    This game is one that has its advantages. Encourage exercise because ... well might have to walk to the fate does not want to go anywhere. He felt a little 'out of the house.

    Play it safe and Pokemon captures Enjoy

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