สิงหาคม 2559
9 สิงหาคม 2559

doctors have long known that accumulation

He studied it for a while. Dr. Peng Peng Young power'm not talking about the same age, but doctors have long known that accumulation.
I think the time has elapsed, Doctor P known, more or less.
And the place where it is written about.
I studied in this forum as well. P added that doctors are very late.
In a sense, it was like a doctor. But it was pretty keen to Dr. P. release
Dr. P. and accessories, silicone-free legs for 12,000 THB 15,000 THB 18,000 THB.
But quality silicone but if the price of 15,000 baht. (Do not know how to use silicone).
If a physician competitive price added 12 000 to 15 000, similar to the reason why it took the same price, such as holding hands Doctor P all.
I think if we want to strengthen. We have to wonder to me that we want to improve it. I just did not want to float. I think that adds to your confidence, and that good education too.
And believes in the idea itself came from the study.

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Then he quickly added, if not studied much. Because if there is a lot of money to incorrect I think are a waste of money to the new one.
In the past, I believe that I have no knowledge at all about the nose. I think I'm too skinny ..
Or .. But thanks to this I have to see what it is. More significant reputation is better than a hospital clinic. I know it's true or not, it's a good addition to the doctor instead of the name of the hospital.
But if the hospital would be nice because it's cleaner than a medical device incubator disinfection. The clinic, which is still very expensive. I guess that remain clean clear alcohol engines.

In my opinion, I think the first thing would be to fill the optional silicone. It is widely accepted than injectable magnification.
The first injection is very popular, but the end result is likely because to be understood this. I found out that I was not.
The doctor said so well in the injection of liquid silicone. But now it
I think we need more than yourself. If we do not want to regret later for more information.
Do not think a doctor would say that's all. Indeed, by injecting liquid silicone, which is not at all. It's up to me. Like the man who gave us the information, usually gave rats ago.
Then I will tell the web. I did not attack injected with liquid silicone. And I think it is better for some people. We must look at both sides Do not look at the current time will prove itself
Fat injections for myself, I do not know how, but that information. There are pros and cons


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