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just just wanna write in English -_-'

I don't have much matter to write down, really.
Maybe because I wrote what I wanna say in my diary already.

Is it not fair for here? or Is it good for you?
because you don't have to check several times.

Like my orinary day, woke up at noon, maybe afternoon. -_-'
Didn't do homework or any thing i'm supposed to do yet.

After sitting drowsily for a while, my aunt told me to eat blunch.
We had KFC today, haha but it is really different from Thai's style wa, not thicky and crisy like that.

Today, hmm, I think I've done a lot of tasks.
While I was working on Math, I was just bored and trew it away.

Then, drove a car to Farmer Market, spent money again T^T"
As I was walking, my eye glanced to processed Miso soup bag.

That was I wanted to eat wa.!! *-*~
Later, that processed (or readymade i'm not sure) Miso soup laid down in a basket already. ^ ^~~~

It's so easy to cook it. It might not be cooking, anyway. -_-'

Much more easier than cooking.
Like cooking MAMA a'

After cooked, -*-" How could I eat it all?
Could not see tofu anywhere but seaweed.

PS. sorry for STUPIB ENGLISH na ja -_-"~
, but i think this's my blog, I can do anything I want. :]

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