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¹ؤӾͧ F40 ᴧ 繴 wrap 3m di-noc film

öʻᴧ 蹢ͧӾͧ Ѩغѹ͡ҡ ҡҫöʻͧ ҡ ١ Ҥͧö Ѩغѹù wrap ö¹ ѧç кҧҵԴ ͡͡ѧ 觨ԧ ҡʵö Ϳö¹ դسҾ Ҩöիմ Ť١͡͡Ҵ

ѧҡè¹ö ö Դ wrap ͡ҹ ѺԴö¹դسҾ¹ ʹաҧ Ǵ͡ҡ ि ¤͹ աҡ öԴ interior ö ѹö㹵ӹҹҧ f40 ҡҡ ١¹Ҵӷ ෤Ԥ wrap 3m di-noc carbon fiber ͧҪѹӾͧѹ ˹

3M DI-NOC is a high-end vinyl from 3M from their Architectural Finishes series. The vinyl can be installed on all sorts of surfaces, regardless of the curvature. This means there are an unlimited amount of applications, from the interior of your car to the back of your laptop.

The material used is a carbon fiber film that is also known as DI-NOC from 3M Films. The DI-NOC material comes in a different variety of finishes including wood, aluminum, marble, stucco, granite and more. One impressive aspect with the material is that you can actually feel the fiber in the weave and, truth be told, the close ups reveal that is looks a lot more realistic than one would think.

We’re loving just how race-inspired and menacing this Ferrari F40 looks with the complete wrap. And even alongside its current-generation friends and counterparts, it’s definitely a stunning car. The matte black wheels and tinted headlights and taillights just round off the package perfectly.


 3m Ҵ˭

Դö¹ 3m

ö¹ 3m

Դ 3m

Դ 3m Ҵ˭


 3m di-noc

ʵ 3m Ҵ˭

via photo: Mike Bolt Photo

via: carbonfiberfilm , autoguide

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