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19 มิถุนายน 2553
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ในความคิดผม คิดใช้ทุกวัน ใช้ไปเรื่อย แล้วจะดีเองแน่นอน ครับ

Why we learned from 3 years old to 22 or more but we cant't speak English ?

Why grammar make you confuse ?

Our English course came from the right Way?

Some people Who' have husband foreigner can speak English although she does't have English class

Don't you think Why ??

Dare English Q&A

1. What is Dare English ?
Answer. Dare English is Webboard for everybody who want to Develop English language by Nature ways ( The best way to learning language )

2. How Dare English develop my English language
Answaer. This Board we not speak Thai or any language except English language we type only English language

3. It's Work ?
Answer. Sure ! you imagine when you born Why you can speak you language........... That is Nature !

4. Who can play this board
Answer. Everybody who want to improve, develop ... or People Who's DARE !

5. This is FREE service
Answer. Absolutely Free

6. What should are we talking about?
Answer. Anything you think , anything you want to say just Typing if you say more That will return more this is Nature ways

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Agree with you. but i have problem about listen
don't understand other people said
How i do ?

โดย: เมื่อความสุขหมุนรอบฉัน วันที่: 19 มิถุนายน 2553 เวลา:13:27:34 น.  

Good idea. i'll look at it. perhaps, it would improve my english.

โดย: kaoim วันที่: 29 มิถุนายน 2553 เวลา:13:01:20 น.  

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