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The precedented coup with unprecedeted differences

It was the imminent but momentous night when Gen Sonthi noted on national television that the armed forces commander and the national police commander had successfully taken over Bangkok and the surrounding area in order to maintain peace and toppled Caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. It was 23:50 , 19 September 2006 , when the Thaksinomic Era was officially terminated.

According to some professors , a coup detat is one of the way outs of the present political crisis and the thresholds of peace. But the history proves that coups in Thailand always failed to resolve the troubles , indeed they even represented a setback in the democratic progress. However , I reckon this time would dramatically differ from the past. Firstly, the junta initially called itself the Administrative Reform Council and renamed the Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy (CDRM) afterwards, which implies that they have no will to regress the democratic progress. Moreover, they immediately issued the statement clarifying the junta leadership wished to reaffirm that it had no intention to become the administrators of the country, pledging they would return the sovereign power to the people as soon as possible. Secondly, the majority of civilian in Bangkok , in which the coup took place, are against Caretaker Prim Minister Thaksin as shown by the result of the precedent general election , which half of the total votes was NO VOTE. So they are likely to agree on the coup. In addition, his Majesty the king`s endorsement of Gen Sonthi as the head of the interim governing council also justified these abrupt political changes in some senses. The photographs and video clips of the public handing flowers to the soldier or bringing them some food have been globally broadcasted as if Thai people had just formed the brand new type of revolution, The Bloodless Coup detat.

Although, there have been denunciations by countries such as USA , Australia, etc., I , as Thai citizen, still find this kind of political and economic instability utterly natural in developing country. And I do agree with Saneh Chamarik, chairman of the state National Human Rights Commission on this regard. He remarked that he did not think [the coup] was about progression or regression [of democracy], but about problem solving. ( // )

With all my heart, I hope that this change will lead us closer to the perpetual stability and peace in Thailand.


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Nice words kub n' fuze.

The Bloodless Coup detat!! well, i heard they called our coup as "silky coup" hahaha.. smooth as silk.


โดย: Coombe lane's guy (coombe lane's guy ) 22 ตุลาคม 2549 6:30:47 น.  

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