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Jared in the list of the Men's Fitness'09

The Jared is in the list of the 25 men with the body most worked, of the world of the magazine Men's Fitness.

What they have to say on the Jared:
He exhibits Supernatural strength — on-screen and off. To prep for his role as reluctant hero Sam Winchester, Padalecki underwent a regimen of kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. "What's funny is [co-star] Jensen [Ackles] and I were meeting one of our producers at a bar in Vancouver, when we were jumped by eight drunken guys," he remembers. "I broke my left hand, but they walked away with broken jaws and noses. Considering it was us against eight, we did all right." The Texas native shoots 90 hours a week but spends downtime inside a well-stocked, on-set workout trailer. "It's a simple setup, but I believe in the basics, anyway," he declares. Padalecki also made sure he was at peak fitness for the recent Friday the 13th. "There's nothing worse than watching some 120-pound dude killing the bad guy," he says. "I wouldn't want to see some skinny pretty boy facing off against Jason. You want to make it look believable."


รายชื่ออีก 24 คนที่ติดอันดับ :
- RAFAEL NADAL, Career: Tennis Player
- HUGH JACKMAN, Career: Actor
- JOSH HAMILTON, Career: MLB Player
- USAIN BOLT, Career: Sprinter
- RUDY REYES, Career: Iraq War Vet/Actor/Trainer
- PAUL RIDLEY, Career: Rower
- SHANI DAVIS, Career: Olympic Speed Skater
- BOB BURNQUIST, Career: Pro Skate-Boarder
- SIR RICHARD BRANSON, Career: Founder, The Virgin Group
- RICHARD ROLL, Career: Entertainment Lawyer/Producer
- TIM TEBOW, Career: College Football Player
- LEBRON JAMES, Career: NBA Player
- SIMON DUMONT, Career: Freestyle Skier
- MANNY PACQUIAO, Career: Light-Welterweight Fighter
- ADRIAN FENTY, Career: Politician
- ROBERT DOWNEY JR., Career: Actor
- PHIL KEOGHAN, Career: TV Host
- AKON, Career: Singer
- GEORGES ST-PIERRE, Career: UFC Fighter
- LEWIS HAMILTON, Career: Formula One Racer
- CLIVE OWEN, Career: Actor

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"I broke my left hand, but they walked away with broken jaws and noses."

โดย: Nephilim วันที่: 27 พฤษภาคม 2552 เวลา:5:20:17 น.  

The two actors carried their sibling relationship off the show's Vancouver set recently when Ackles inadvertently led Padalecki into a real-life bar brawl that left the latter with a broken hand.

"When we walked into the place, there had just been a fight inside the bar, but we didn't know that yet," Padalecki explains. "When we started hearing them talking about the fight, we decided it was best to leave, but when we went back to the front, the guys there thought we were some of the guys they had been fighting with so they basically continued the fight again."

"It was life imitating art," Ackles jokes. "I've just got to play the role of older brother and show this young whippersnapper how they do things in Vancouver."

โดย: Nephilim วันที่: 9 มิถุนายน 2552 เวลา:20:46:33 น.  

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