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My work: Researching Officer in Institute of National Language, Royal Academy of Cambodia, Cambodia and Khmer Lecturer in The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mahasarakham University , Thailand Suo sdej, Dear visitor. Your visit number is I would like to profoundly thank for taking time to visit my page. Now it isin Cambodia.


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Cambodia: JOGMEC to survey Cambodia's Tonle Sap basin

Japan's state-affiliated Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp (JOGMEC) has been granted rights by the Cambodian government to survey for oil around Southeast Asia's largest freshwater lake. JOGMEC will conduct a study over 6,500 sq kms of the Tonle Sap basin, located about 200 kms northwest of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh.

Fumiaki Fujita, a representative of the Japanese oil company, said it will first conduct onshore geological and geophysical surveys to assess oil reserves. If oil is found, the company will negotiate with the government for full-scale exploration of the area.

Tonle Sap, or ‘Great Lake,’ is the largest freshwater lake in south-east Asia. It is located about 200 kms northwest of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh and touches six provinces. Tonle Sap lake covers about 250,000 hectares (618,000 acres) during the dry season and expands to about 1.25 million hectares (3 million acres) during the rainy season. It holds a rich biosphere of more than 200 species of fish, 42 types of reptiles, 225 species of birds and 46 kinds of mammals. The lake is also close to the Angkor Wat temple complex. In the past, conservationists have expressed concern about the impact any future oil projects may have on the environment in the basin.

The government has promoted oil exploration in the Tonle Sap area as part of its long-term strategy on energy supply. It has also hoped to use prospective oil revenues to develop the country and reduce poverty. In recent years, numerous geological studies in the basin have been carried out to look for possible oil and gas reserves, Te Duong Tara, director-general of the official National Petroleum Authority, said in a recent report.

The Tonle Sap Basin is a Quaternary basin and at the centre of the basin is located the large Tonle Sap Lake. In the late 1990s, the Japan National Oil Corporation (JNOC) conducted airborne gravity and magnetic survey over the onshore Tonle Sap and Mekong Basins in Cambodia. The survey area covers about 48,000 sq km of the Tonle Sap Area. JNOC acquired 21,675 line km of airborne gravity and magnetic data with a 3 x 10 km grid spacing from an altitude of 1,600m above MSL. Two deep sedimentary basin-like features have been identified. These lie to the north and west of the Tonle Sap lake and appear to be related to Tertiary age grabens. Unlike what has been suggested by previous studies, the current lake is not centered over the deepest grabens seen on the gravity data.

For full details of exploration opportunities and licensing opportunities in Cambodia and the rest of Central and SE Asia, visit energy-pedia opportunities, our 'premium content' service.
Source: Energy-pedia

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