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My work: Researching Officer in Institute of National Language, Royal Academy of Cambodia, Cambodia and Khmer Lecturer in The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mahasarakham University , Thailand Suo sdej, Dear visitor. Your visit number is I would like to profoundly thank for taking time to visit my page. Now it isin Cambodia.


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Cambodia Mulls Pipeline Project from Shore to Sihanouk Ville

Phnom Penh, April 13, 2007 AKP --

Some international companies will study the feasibility next month of building a gas pipeline from Cambodia's offshore oil exploration sites to seaport Sihanouk Ville, Chinese news Agency Xinhua quoted a local press as reporting on Thursday.

The U.S. oil giant Chevron, Japanese firm Mitsui and South Korean electronics group LG will together examine the feasibility of constructing the pipeline, an official from the Investment Committee of the Cambodian National Assembly was quoted by English-language newspaper the Cambodian Daily as saying.

Addressing seminar "Avoid the Oil Curse" held here on Wednesday, Chairman Phan Sina said no company has yet been selected to build the pipeline, which is expected to transport natural gas from Block A, where Chevron has been drilling test wells.

The pipeline study brings Cambodia one step closer to the much-anticipated production of oil and gas, said the report.

Cambodia is also preparing an oil and gas management law in anticipation of its oil and gas production.

At least 700 million barrels of crude oil are estimated to lie off Cambodia's coast and the government expects to collect revenues from petroleum by as early as 2010.

Also in Thai Energy News


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